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  1. BigAund

    Recommend me a DAP to replace ak120

    So my aging ak120 seems to be heading to the junkyard in the sky, can anyone recommend me a reasonably priced replaced. I've tried the Sony zx100 and its just about ok, i also have a pioneer 30r, which is the perfect size, has good functionality, but doesn't sound as good as the old 120. I want...
  2. BigAund

    FiiO RC-WT1 Cable

    Does anyone Know if the FiiO RC-WT1 cable can be used with Unique Melody recessed socket CIEMS?
  3. BigAund

    First set of Customs...

    Hi,   I'm hoping for some help in choosing my first set of customs. I've kind of set my budget at around $400-$500 and I've been looking at the Heir 4.a - are there any other CIEMS in that price range that would be a good choice? I'm mostly listening to Rock,Classic rock, some metal... I...
  4. BigAund

    Can someone explain this (picture included) for me??

    hi,   I recently bought a set of Mb Quart 805 Demo phones from Ebay - they are the ones that used to be used for listening stations in HMV, Tower records with an armoured cable etc... I was sold them as being 100 Ohms but in the process of removing the armour from the cable I had to remove...