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  1. sardar17

    Havi b3 pro 1 thread 2.0

    Due to some unfortunate squabbling the version 1.0 thread has been put down by the moderators.   Please be amicable in this thread.   1)Don't reply to a post you don't like 2)If u want to pick fights please use the pm route 3)If a person goes offensive pm him/her or just ignore rather than...
  2. sardar17

    basic amp question

    all right ppl.i have decided to get either e17 or e07k but i want to ask a question.   will the dac part of these come in to play if i use these with aux??i mean headphone jack -headphone jack connection??or it will be bypassed and only player's dac will come into play??   and what will...
  3. sardar17

    fake monster turbine pro gold..............

    i just saw this listing on an indian seller   he is selling these for 60$ and says they are oem product   what do u ppl think??
  4. sardar17

    xba-3 is rated at 100mw power!!!???

    can clip+ rated at 15mw be able to drive these at all??   i don't understand how this works??
  5. sardar17

    new walkmans!!!!!!!!!!!   This week they announced two new members of the series, called the ZX1 and the F880. The ZX1 is the top of the line model and comes with an enormous 128GB of built-in flash memory. It also supports 24-bit/196kHz audio...
  6. sardar17

    sony xba-3........................advice please

    i have recently ordered xba-3 for 130$ including delivery charges,,,after my excellent meelectronics a151 were stolen   1)is it worth in this range?? 2)i have heard that it will not work very well with sources having high impedence   so what portable player is suitable here?? do i need an...
  7. sardar17

    help required(sorry for new thread but it has to be specific)

    Meelectronics a161p or shure se 215??   music preference-old school rock like floyd,deep purple,led zepellin etc,,,,especially bass should be accurate and not overblown   I had mee a151,,they were awesome but the bass was a little subdued.Last week my cousin got shure se 215.I thought...
  8. sardar17

    problematic india,,,,helpppppp meee!!!

    hi ppl.i am new to this site,infact i joined just now.i live in india and am a doctor by profession.Anyways last year i purchased sansa clip+ and meelectronics a151 earphones.Although the buds were awesome but bass was little subdued so this year i wanna upgrade to mee a161p.I want to purchase a...