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  1. tortie

    Most comfortable in-ear headphones?

    Hi guys. Used to be a regular here but I have not visited this site in years. I'm not in the loop anymore and I need help. Im looking for the most comfortable in-ear headphones out there. Im planning to use this with my iphone without an amp. I usually listen to podcasts so audio quality is...
  2. tortie

    Anyone else tired of 'typical' headphone recommendation requests ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by catscratch I think you're missing my point. This isn't about answering questions but about discouraging an attitude that is detrimental to the community. I edited my post above to more accurately reflect what I was trying to say. It's late but insomnia...
  3. tortie

    Anyone else tired of 'typical' headphone recommendation requests ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by catscratch Except that the waiter is getting paid, and is earning a tip from you, whereas the people on this forum are giving you advice for free, and are in fact very often donating money to the forum, and taking a lot of time to organize events. If...
  4. tortie

    Anyone else tired of 'typical' headphone recommendation requests ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaloS Most people really come here not knowing what they want, and ask for everything as a result. Better idea is figuring things out - if you can't formulate any idea at all, pick something out of the popular headphones in price range and just buy it. On FS...
  5. tortie

    Looking for comfortable headphones for PC gaming and video viewing

    Quote: Originally Posted by KingStyles You can get the dt880 in a 32ohm if you want something easier to drive. They are 269 through headroom. Yep, thats what im leaning to right now. Thanks for all the help guys.
  6. tortie

    Looking for comfortable headphones for PC gaming and video viewing

    Thanks for the input guys. I've checked all your recommendations and these are the new 3 cans that I am considering. This choice was mostly based on what phones I can get on sites that accept international credit cards and can ship the phones internationally to me. Beyerdynamic DT 880...
  7. tortie

    Looking for comfortable headphones for PC gaming and video viewing

    Hi guys. Ever since I scaled down my audio rig I have not posted here for years, but my HD590 which I use for my PC and movies is dead and the cheapo HD201 I got as its replacement is killing me. My headphone knowledge is outdated now and I would like your help with getting a new can. I still...
  8. tortie

    Dropping by to say hi.

    I havent logged in to head-fi to read posts or check what the latest/hottest gear in headphones are for quite sometime now, but im really happy to see how the site has grown exponentially over the past few years. 54,000+ members now, most users online record is now 1,800!!! Im pretty happy to...
  9. tortie

    Anybody play Monsters game?

    Just discovered this game. Great when you have idle time in front of your computer.
  10. tortie

    Im looking for a good treadmill machine. What do you guys recommend?

    Im currently looking for a good treadmill machine in the $1000-2000 range. What do you guys recommend? Tnx!
  11. tortie

    Any Battlefield 2 players?

    I usually play BF2 about twice a weeks with friends. You want to rack up high scores? Be a medic
  12. tortie

    Free Spysweeper in

    I have used this program with spybot and adaware for about a year or so and its a good anti spyware program. Its currently free in outpost after the rebate.
  13. tortie

    Happy Birthday Voodoochile !

    Happy Birthday Mark!
  14. tortie

    Final: 3rd Quail Group Buy.

    All cables sold. Thanks to everyone who participated in this group buy.
  15. tortie

    Why line out?

    Going with the line out means getting a purer signal vs. going out the headphone out. If we are talking about the ipods, the difference is very noticable.
  16. tortie

    Newbie question: overkill by getting great headphones for Nano?

    There's no such thing as overkill when buying headphones. Buy the best one you can afford.
  17. tortie

    Very Bad WinXP boot problem

    Quote: Originally Posted by jlo mein From this experience I have learned to never rely on being able to always fix problems with Windows, so I should constantly backup important things. Well said. Everybody takes it for granted to back up their files until its too late. Its a good...
  18. tortie

    Happy Birthday Dr. Meier!

    Happy Birthday!
  19. tortie

    Does anybody here brew beer at home?

    Any recommendations from someone who has tried one of these? Im planning to buy a Mr. Beer kit.
  20. tortie

    Confession time..Your most useless upgrade?

    Quote: Originally Posted by JMT Cardas RCA caps. Same here.
  21. tortie

    Paranormal caught on tape

    What are you guys talking about?! I've watched it a couple of times and I still cant see it! I can hear the camera man say What, buts thats all...
  22. tortie

    Quail group buy review thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gopher Are you guys all taking the ferrite cores off? i'm curious as to why we orderd them with it if they seem to be universally disliked? Oh well--I'll be leaving mine on for the time being, at least until these things have settled in. I've got mine...
  23. tortie

    HeadRoom Crossfeed vs. Polk SDA

    Great thread! As a lover of crossfeeds, its pretty cool to know the "how" and "why" of crossfeeds. Thanks for the enlightening posts Tyll, and thanks to the thread starter for bringing this up.
  24. tortie

    Am I suppose to hear a difference?

    Quote: Originally Posted by chesebert how it went: source change from AV710 to Eastsound: HOLY #@$@#$ AWSOME ... Power supply change from ELPAC to Rockhopper STEPS: WOW..NICE improvement. Interconnet change from Straight wire to Gold raincoat clone: HOLY #@$#@ a wire can do...