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  1. kodreaming

    Dual headphone stand?

    I Know woo audio makes a nice one but I want something a bit cheaper but still has a quality look. I tried cheap ones from Amazon, they are just not designed for big cans. Maybe something from Etsy people have experience with?
  2. kodreaming

    Similar amp to Ragnorak 2?

    I am planning to get a new setup that can be used in a turntable setup + speaker + headphone in my office. Ragnorak 2 (fully loaded one) seems to hit all the use cases I am looking for. Just curious, are there other products that are similar to this one ? Want to evaluate all options I have...
  3. kodreaming

    Westone product with a mic ?

    I always liked how comfortable my old UM1 was. Does any new Westone product have mic ? 
  4. kodreaming

    Try headphones through Lumoid.

    I have been with my K701 for close to 10 years now. Every couple of years, I wonder if they are something better out there, but too lazy to deal with buy and sell, I never tried the newer headphones after briefly in meet-ups every couple of years.   I heard Lumoid a while ago, but never tried...
  5. kodreaming

    Fake Xiaomi Piston 3 ?

    I broke my piston 2 and wanted a replacement. I bought from Amazon for $8.89.  The review all seems to be good and I thought the low price is because it gets shipped from China.   But, I got it today and the sound is terrible, very disjointed also feel the sound is coming from somewhere far...
  6. kodreaming

    If it is not packed by UPS, the insurance doesn't cover any damage ?

    I recently purchased an used tube amp. The item came damaged (broken tubes), when I contacted the shipper's UPS store, I was told the shipper didn't let UPS pack it, but instead used the original packaging. Hence, the damage is not covered by anything.      I felt it is the shipper's fault...
  7. kodreaming

    Possible mod for mikros-90 ?

    I like the sound and do want to keep them as a spare pair...But, man, it is tight ! 
  8. kodreaming

    Antarctica Trip Jacket recommendation

    A friend of mine is going away for an antarctica trip.   I want to buy him a quality jacket.   I am thinking Arc'Teryx, but their product line is pretty confusing...Any suggestions ? 
  9. kodreaming

    In-Ear compatible with Iphone 4/5 below $100 (ideally andorid as well)

    Hi I am looking for an in-ear that provides a reasonable sound quality and good voice clarity.    The review on MC3 is a bit disappointing...HF2 is a bit over my price range.   Any thing else ?   Thanks !
  10. kodreaming

    Eartips for Harman Kardon 720

    Hi guys,   What are some eartips that are compatible with Harman Kardon 720 ?   Thanks
  11. kodreaming

    Macbook 's line-in doesn't work with headset

    I did some googling, it turns out the line-in in my macbook pro cannot be used with a regular headset (I am using a Ety headset with adapter).   What the hell was Apple thinking ?  Is this another example of Apple's "I THINK THIS IS THE BEST APPROACH" ? Does anyone know why or any...
  12. kodreaming

    looking for a wired headset

    Not sure where is the best place to post this.    I am looking for a wired headset for my Droid X phone 3.5mm jack. It is simply for making phone calls.   Thanks
  13. kodreaming

    broke my ER-4P

    I am speechless... I lost two pairs of ER-4P... Went for a RE-0, didn't like it. Bought another it today in mail...   I switched to the shure oliver form, but I put the wrong size... Then when I try to remove it, i twisted it bit too, I broke it...   How can I get...
  14. kodreaming


    didn't work out, but no trouble either.
  15. kodreaming

    speaker for dinning room

    I am looking for a pair of speaker that is less than 11 inch tall, so I can fit it into the top of the shelf in the dinning room (I know it is not an ideal location for sound, but don't want to make it visible). I think the source will be a squeezebox and I assume I would need a small amp as...
  16. kodreaming

    $29 usb sound card ?

    hi folks, I remember there was a $29 dollar USB sound card. But, I can't recall its name.
  17. kodreaming

    moderate size - desktop amp ?

    I currently have a DT 880, but might switch to ATH or AKG soon. I am looking for a desktop amp, but not too big. I used to have a M^3 but I am not really impressed by the sound. Any recommendations ?
  18. kodreaming

    Where to buy DT 880 accessories ?

    Do you guys where to get new pad and headband for DT 880 ? I tried to search old threads, but I can't really find any valid info on this. Thanks
  19. kodreaming

    Where to buy Red Yeast Extract in S.F downtown ?

    Do you guys know any stores that carry Red Yeast Extract in San F. downtown ? Thanks
  20. kodreaming

    No one is excited about Diablo 3?

    There got to be more Diablo...
  21. kodreaming

    online folder (disk) solution ?

    I am always looking for a perfect online storage option. I want to be able to access a online folder like a local directory from both window and linux. I don't mind installing softwares if required. And yes, I don't mind paying a small fee... Any recommendations ? Thanks
  22. kodreaming

    1/4" mini to rca cable ?

    I want to use my Pico's headphone out as the source of DAC. I think I need a cable "1/4 to RCA cable" to feed into my M^3 amp. Thank you
  23. kodreaming

    DAC for M^3 (USB input)

    I just bought a M^3. I will need a usb dac that have RCA output. I want something not too big and less than $200 dollars. Thank you.
  24. kodreaming

    Place to try headphone/amp

    I will be in San Jose next month. I am looking for someone who is willing to let me try his/her complete setup (headphone e.g.HD650/AKG 701)/ amp) for a hour or something, for a reasonable amount of fee. I just want to see whether that my untrained ears can actually appreciate the sound...
  25. kodreaming

    upgrade from ER-4P ?

    I think I will stick with IEM for the next little while. I truly love the sound of ER-4P... What would be a potential upgrade from ER-4P ?