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  1. ThEvil0nE

    634ears SARN II + "hack?"

    What peaked my interest of 634ears offering is the inclusion of wood. I am very fond of different tonewood/s. I do play stringed instruments and percussions so it's second nature to me to just jump right in head first. I did scour the interwebs and on here with very minimal success, I do believe...
  2. ThEvil0nE

    PSI Audio, the best Factory Tour Video on YT???

    While they do have their own company made factory tour video...'s this factory tour video that really sets the benchmark IMO. No top secret stuff. Everything laid out in the open in a very informative manner that you do end up not only learning about the company but you actually learn...
  3. ThEvil0nE

    Purchasing Shure Olives locally (Chicago area)

    Anyone know where to buy them? Thank you
  4. ThEvil0nE

    Which IE to be "balanced" in the $300-$400 range???

    Looking to purchase an IE which would be balanced for use with the Protector.  I'm into Dave Matthews type genre and love's John Scofield. I'm looking at the UM3X with detachable cable.   Additional comments and other suggestions would highly be appreciated... thanx :)