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  1. Oktyabr

    Alientek FY1 384/32 DAC and AMP?!? Can anyone read Chinese?

    I wish I could read Chinese!  I've been googling (and poking and prodding links in Chinese) trying to find a users manual download, that might be in English, but so far no good.  If anyone here can read Chinese I'd love to find a link to a users manual and/or a translation of this page?  Since...
  2. Oktyabr

    AKG Q/K7xyz... Inexpensive solid state, hybrid or OTL? Which do YOU use and/or prefer, and why?

    Title says it all. I'm not really looking for recommendations, really more like a consensus of what experienced head-fi'ers prefer for these cans.  I've read in many different threads that the high current/low sensitivity of the AKG "7" series really make most OTL a poor choice and a really...
  3. Oktyabr

    What's your preferred amplification for the AKG K/Q7xzy family of cans?

    I see some owners saying that "tube warmth" can really bring a pair of these to life.  Others say the reliable current and low output impedance of a good solid state amp is the way to go.  Last but not least many seem pleased with a tube hybrid, like the Schiit Vali.  I want to spend roughly...
  4. Oktyabr

    Portable amp and/or amp+dac that uses 18650 batteries???

    Hi! I'm a vaper.  I haven't had a cigarette in almost two years.  From 20+ years at 2 packs a day, average, that is something I never thought I would live long enough to ever say. That said I use "mechanicals" for vaping that utilize high amperage (20+ steady output, when required), high...