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  1. coli

    AKM DAC "Super slow roll off" is NOS

    NOS is back in new DAC designs, and has been for awhile!   Super Slow Roll Off (Digital Filter bypass mode)
  2. coli

    Who loves their current setup?

    Post your setup here if you love it.   I'll start:   2x Focal SM9 DIY NEI-3002 XLR cable Emotiva XDA2 Gen 2 RME HDSPe AES Furman AC-210AE 240V balanced power!   Foobar + IIR Bass Boost 188hz 9db   This system is LOVE.
  3. coli

    Focal SM9 Active Monitor

    Just wanted to recommend this active monitor. The bang of the buck on this one when buying used is off the charts.   That sub millisecond impulse response really is quite something.