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  1. Tem

    KSC-75 Inline Remote?

    Any difference in SQ with or without? Just got a pair today for free brand new. I have the iPod Classic 120GB on full volume and I am using the remote to control volume. Sounds REALLY good so far. Any tips or comments?
  2. Tem

    Mmmm, Marshmallows!

    Hey guys. i just stopped by pc richards and staples on the way home and noticed they both had JVC Marshmallows. Reading up on this subject before, I assumed the HA-FX33's were the better of the later model, the HA-FX34. Are there any real differences? Should I keep them or return them and get...
  3. Tem

    wow! i'm in love!

    Well someone has offered me a new sealed in box Zune 80GB for alot cheaper then what it retails for and I might just snatch it up if I can scrape some $$ together. This thing looks absolutely sexy. I really want one now. I watched videos of it on YouTube, pictures of it on Google....I think this...
  4. Tem

    Sony MDR-EX71's vs EX-91LP's

    Wow. I just got rid of my EX-90LP's and started using a pair of EX71's I had laying around. The bass, the detail, it all is just there. It sounds so much better then the EX90's I had. Anyone else agree or have any thoughts on this?
  5. Tem

    Zune 80GB Album Art Question

    Does it still look like bad quality like how did it did on the 30GB Zune or no?
  6. Tem

    2GB Black Sansa Clip = MELTED!

    Yeah. Some of you might of remembered when I posted in that one Sansa Clip thread a picture of red/black Clip's I bought for me and the lady....well the unlikely just happend on New Year's Eve: I turn around (were in her room, shes on the bed trying to get her little 11 year old brother and his...
  7. Tem

    Not much bass??

    I have a Dell Dimension 8300 with a Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit sound card. I have my Sony MDR-EX90LP's plugged into the front of the tower and I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit with Winamp 5.5. I have the latest drivers installed and everything. Why does it sound like I am getting no...
  8. Tem

    iAudio 7 What do you people think about this MP3 player? Anyone getting one?
  9. Tem

    Apple Headphones

    I know these are horrible but for what I do I need them. If I have a brand new ipod under warranty, is there any way I can request new ones? Someone fill me in, thanks.
  10. Tem

    SB Live! 24 Bit + Logitech 5500

    I own a SoundBlaster Live! 24 Bit audio card...thats Dell OEM I am assuming because it came with my Dell 8400. I was thinking about purchasing the Logitech 5500's this summer but I was wondering if my audio card would handle them or if I would need to upgrade that also? All I do is really play...
  11. Tem

    1G 1GB Black iPod Nano Battery Replacement?

    Yeah it seems like this thing can't even last a whole day now without needing a charge here and it worth it to replace the battery or should I just buy a whole new MP3 player? How much are batteries? Links?
  12. Tem

    4G 40GB iPod Black and White

    Is this iPod good? I recall that this is the best iPod to get because of its sound I am just looking for some info because I am looking to get rid of my Zune as I don't want it anymore and I am looking for something more of a iPod type.
  13. Tem

    Koss Electrostatic 950

    A relative is giving these to me for free because he simply "doesn't use them". Are these good? I'm guess for the $1000 price range they are?^es^ESP950