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  1. pataburd

    GIEN Graphite disc mat: anyone ever tried this product?

    The title is self-explanatory.  Anyone tried the GIEN and a/b-ed it against the Marigo?
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    Electronic Visionary Systems (EVS) "Ground Enhancers" Initial Impressions

    Here is an excerpt from an e-mail I just sent to Ric Schultz after his Ground Enhancer tweaks arrived in the mail.     ***************************************************************************************************** The EVS Ground Enhancers arrived this morning.  They were secured...
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    Has Anyone seen this AudiogoN Post?   . . . although I must admit that I use and greatly benefit from using tweaks of all kinds, including the Marigo CD mat and Walker Talisman, among others . . .  : )
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    Beyerdynamic DT880/600 v. Ultrasone PRO2500, preliminaries

    Ric Schultz-modded Oppo 970HD Fitz-max Bada PH-12, w/1x Mullard ECC33 and 2x Raytheon 6SN7GT   Right now I am a/b-ing the DT880/600 and the PRO2500, both of which have been recabled with Zombie_X's excellent "Nucleotide" UP-OCC quad-braided copper wire.  This is a tough one, but right now...
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    REVIEW: DT880/600 with ZXAC UPOCC Re-cable: Summary Impressions

      DT880/600 with ZXAC UPOCC Re-cable: Summary Impressions   The following is a brief set of listening impressions based on the ZXAC UPOCC "Impact" re-cable of my DT880/600.  Since I do not have a second, stock pair of DT880/600 on hand to do direct a/b comparisons, these statements are...
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    DT880/600 with ZXAC UPOCC Re-cable: Summary Impressions

    Moved to "Headphones (full size) Forum:
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    Fuse Specification for the DV336SE

    Does anyone happen to have the fuse specification for the Darkvoice 336SE, so I don't have to open mine up to find out?  : )
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    T1 v. DT880/600, Round 1

      Unjacked the T1 from the Denon AVR-1905 last night for a short audition over the EVS-modded Oppo 970HD and the WeeeeeeSquirrel 336SE (w/Sylvania 6AS7G and RCA 6SN7GT).  The T1 have approximately 130 hours on them.   Listened to Digital Duke (Perdido and 22 Cent Stomp), Earl Thomas Conley...
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    Advice for a Friend Looking for Home Studio Monitor Headphones

    Hello All.   My neighbor is a guitarist with a home recording set-up in his basement.  He is looking for a pair of closed headphones for monitoring/mixing.  Ideally, they will offer "ruler flat" response, excellent isolation from the microphone and be in the price vicinity of $150-$200.  ...
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    Mid-Fi Musings: Does a Single Set of Headphones Exist that Preserves the K70x’s Strengths, but Simultaneously Corrects their Weaknesses?

    (The following was excerpted and expanded from an e-mail exchange that I shared with a fellow Head-Fier.)     Mid-Fi Musings: Does a Single Set of Headphones Exist that Preserves the K70x’s Strengths, but Simultaneously Corrects their Weaknesses?   It's the upper midrange...
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    MAC HC and IeGo 70530+8055 Power Cords

    These are preliminary comparisons between the MAC (My Audio Cables) HC and IeGo 70530 (base model) power cords. The MAC HC has been THE power cord for my Bada PH-12 headphone amplifier for over a year now. The IeGo were recently acquired (two for $65 apiece +$30 shipping from Taiwan) in the...
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    Malware Warning

    The "New version Darkvoice 337se" thread is giving me a malware warning.
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    The Return of the ER-4S

    I just bought another pair of ER-4S last week, having previously owned them about 5-6 years ago. One thing that struck me was the cable: is it just me, or has the cable gotten thinner? Anyway, I auditioned them with the three-flanged plugs (not my favorite, by the way), driven by the...
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    Scientific Proof of Cable Burn-in

    These sub-microscopic cross sections were taken with a new, electron scanning, "psycho-acoustic" imaging process: ------->------->-------> Direction of Signal ------->------->-------> After 0 hours: : (: (: (: ( : (: (: (: ( : (: (: (: ( After 50 hours: : |: |: |: |: |: |...
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    UP-OCC K501 Recable

    Just a brief report on the UP-OCC recable that Zach, at Enigma Audio, did for me, by special request. The cable is Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast, 8N, solid core, single crystal silver (for signal) and copper (for return). In hindsight, cryoed wire would have been nice, but this cable was not...
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    Best Amp for the Denon D5000?

    Well, which one is it? I'm currently driving the D5000 with the Darkvoice 337, but don't think I'm getting the most from the Denon.
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    Stock D2000 v. Stock D5000

    After a long and fulfilling time spent with the Denon AH-D2000, I recently acquired the D5000. In short, though perhaps not as pleasingly forward as the D2000, the D5000 offer more detail, better resolution/refinement across the frequency bands (bass, for example, sounds much more...
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    Downgrade, or Upgrade? Suggestions for Portables

    My office moved--to a less "secure" environment, which forced the breaking down, packing and removal of my dedicated "office" headphone gear: EVS-modded Oppo DV-970HD, Bada PH-12, Denon AH-D2000, AKG K501. Right now, I'm running a pair of $15 Philips SBC-HS5000, behind-the-neck portable...
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    D2000 Owners UNTIE!!

    . . . the twisted cable near the yoke!
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    Review: Stock Denon AH-D2000 v. Stock AKG K501

    Equipment: EVS-modded Oppo 970HD universal player Bada PH-12 hybrid headphone amplifier w/1x Mullard ECC33 & 2x Sylvania 6SN7GTB EVS IC100 PCOCC interconnects MAC Sound Pipe Source and HC power cords Music: King Sunny Ade and His African Beats: Synchro System (Mango) Qunicy Jones: The...
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    Decision: Stock D5000 or APS V3 D2000?

    I'm at a familiar impasse: after having accrued funds to APS V3 recable the K501, I'm considering using the monies to instead: (a) put toward the stock D5000, (b) purchase an already APS V3 recabled pair of D2000. A/b-ing the stock D2000--which I currently own and immensely...
  22. pataburd

    Bada PH-12 v. Darkvoice 337: Informal First Impressions

    The first, God willing, of several 337/PH-12 comparisons, with this particular one based on using stock AKG K501 headphones. BRIEF INTRODUCTION: After about a week with the Darkvoice, the Bada is back on line. To be honest, the K501 were the sore spot during my initial audition of the 337; I...
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    (Proposed) Darkvoice 337 Dedicated Tube-rolling Thread

    If this thread already exists elsewhere, please point me in the proper direction (and I'll close this one). Otherwise, I thought it might be worthwhile to consolidate tube-rolling related discussion(s) on one, dedicated thread. : ) The 337 arrived for me just yesterday, having been shipped...
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    A Layman’s Review of DakiOm’s F203 Feedback Stabilizers

    The following was transcribed from my notes from a few years back, but I am printing it here to promote interest/discussion in the DakiOm Negative Feedback Stabilizers in the hope that others on these forums will come to experience and appreciate these fine products as I have and do. When the...
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    Review: Denon D2000

    [This review was excerpted from the PL750 v. D2000 thread. I will be closing out my posts there shortly and moving the discussion to this thread.) 06/06/08 Very First Impressions (and Recollections of the Proline750) [Tubes: 1x Generis 6SN7GTB (Japan) & 2x Raytheon 6SN7GT] Just got the...