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  1. domsch1988

    HD600 Size closed back Headphones

    Hello everyone. I haven't been here for quite some time. A bit back i got myself HD600's and haven't had to look for headphones ever since. I stopped worrying about it and am just enjoying my Headphones. Now, a bit of a "Problem" came up. I use my HD600's for everything. One of the Problems is...
  2. domsch1988

    Need confirmation: HM5 Pads on DT770 Pro

    I'd like to change them becuase the stock pads are just a tag to slim for me. My ears touch the drivers slightly. That can irritate my ears after two or three hours of usage. Additionally i'd hope to increase isolation a bit with the leather pads compared to the stock velours ones. And yes, i'm...
  3. domsch1988

    Need confirmation: HM5 Pads on DT770 Pro

    Hi, It just came to my attention, that the HM5 replacement Pads should fit my DT770 Pro's. If that's correct, i might save on buying new headphones. So can anyone confirm that the HM5 Memory Foam replacement Pads in leather and velours do actually fit the 770? Also, how do they compare...
  4. domsch1988

    Isolating HD600

    Hey everyone, hope you're having a great day. Haven't been here for some time (after getting my HD600 and having reached my endgame there). TL,DR: Over-Ear Headphone with great isolation and HD600 fit/size up to 100$. Sonics not important, but i'd prefer neutral to warm (Beyer or Sennheiser...
  5. domsch1988

    Is there *really* an audible difference between different DACs?

    So, you are saying that a different USB cable from your pc to your dac sounds different? How would that be technically possible? I'm not trying to offend anyone but that's in the same area as 1000$ hdmi cables. It's a digital connection. it works or it doesn't. There can be no differences in...
  6. domsch1988

    Is there *really* an audible difference between different DACs?

    Except we're not talking about 720p to 4k. More like 4k to 4k HDR which is much more subtle. Depending on Source Material, player and TV the difference is there, but for some it's night and day, for others more subtle and even others feel its "oversaturated and eyecandy". Especially with Audio...
  7. domsch1988

    Is there *really* an audible difference between different DACs?

    I won't disagree that some reviewers aren't that great. But some do understand, that sound is personal. The way something sounds to you has as much to do with you ears and hearing as with the environment you're in. Especially when we're talking midrange and up differences can be so miniscule...
  8. domsch1988

    Advice welcome on what to order

    My personal opinion without specific recommendation: It's not about what you listen to more, but how you listen to it. I too spend twice the time listening mobile. But since i'm on the go, driving or walking, i'm not that focused on the sound. At home though, i specifically sit down to listen to...
  9. domsch1988

    HD 600 with ModMic?

    I had Problems getting it to stick on the Grill. I tested it for a day. Soundquality was really sub par. Levels where really low and high amount of noise. I returned it and got myself the blue snowball. Cheaper, more comfortable and way better sound quality.
  10. domsch1988

    Help me to choose the right headphones

    Imho: Yes. There are Headphones that produce good low end. But Sub-bass and most Bass frequencys are more "felt than heard" irl. That's something no headphone, no matter how good can do. That's inherent to the fact that it's a headphone. The "Helicopter" effect you were hearing is inherent to...
  11. domsch1988

    Noob audiophile on a quest

    Since your input on what you want is a bit vague, i figured you're searching for headphones. When starting this as a hobby and not just wanting a good headphone and be done, i think starting with the "know great" basics is the way to go. - HD600/650 - K701 - HE400i/s - Grado * - DT990 All of...
  12. domsch1988

    Win 10/Foobar Gainstaging and Volume Control

    Thanks. I'm in the process of getting a new amp. Currently The Interfaces Headphone Out does not have enough power to work with the HD600 like that. 70% on the Interface is "quiet listening levels". Depending on the Track of course. Most Modern Recordings are fine but especially the quieter...
  13. domsch1988

    Win 10/Foobar Gainstaging and Volume Control

    I'm a bit lost atm. With Win10, Foobar and an USB Audio Interface There are just to many volume controlls. Please help me to get the best sound possible. I have two Scenarios: 1. Playing a Game plus listening to Music 2. Only listening to Music In Case of 1. I currently use Foobar's Volume...
  14. domsch1988

    Some recommendations for Operas/Baroque/Piano Pieces

    I'm in the process of expanding my music library. I'm coming from a heavy rock to black metal background. I've always been interested in classical music though, but never got into it. I'm having a hard time knowing what to look for. I'm a big fan of Wagner. I'm currently accumulating all the...
  15. domsch1988

    V-shaped portable Can with some Sparkle

    I second the DT770. Also because you can get everything as a replacement part from beyer. If you put them in a backpack or take them out and about, having the option to replace small parts is invaluable!
  16. domsch1988

    Looking for 20$ or less iem

    No specific recommendation, but if you are already saying, you might buy both, i'd rather spend the same money on a better headphone in the first place. Ordering two 20$ or one 40$ headphones makes a big difference in that pricerange...
  17. domsch1988

    Is there *really* an audible difference between different DACs?

    Because it's a forum. It's used to state opinions and discuss them. Why should i stop? It's rather interesting for me to have a discussion with someone who hears a difference and get into the technicalities of it. It's how i expand my knowledge. I talk to people with different opinions. No need...
  18. domsch1988

    Is there *really* an audible difference between different DACs?

    This would asume the ADC conversion was perfect. IF the goal is to reproduce the Analog sound before the very first digital conversion, the only way to do this would be doing the exact conversion the studio did backwards. Since you can't now what ADC was used while recording, this is potentially...
  19. domsch1988

    What is the most effective solution and highest NRR item to block out 'sharp' sounds, in 2017?

    Depends on how "serious" you want to get and how important noise over soundquality is. One of the best noise supressing solutions with Audio capabilitys i've tried...
  20. domsch1988

    Could need some help bringing two SACD's to the PC

    Thorugh a friend of mine i've got temporary access to Wagner's Rhie Gold and Parsifal as SACD. I'm trying to get those to my PC with the least ymount of quality loss. I do own dbpoweramp but wasn't able to figure out how to get anything but flac of of it. My Portable DVD Drive is capable of...
  21. domsch1988

    Budget DAC + Amp (EU) for DT770 and HD600

    Ok, really, i'm not getting anywhere. The more i read the more everything looks the same. It's getting really confusing now. I'd just like a dac and amp (single devices or combined) with usb input. Sub 400$ (ideally sub 200$ and cheaper gets bonus points). It needs to drive the HD600 and nothing...
  22. domsch1988

    Need help with DAC and headphone amp

    Definitly try them. I didn't like them at all. I found them really analytical and fatiguing. Not what i was looking for at all. If you're into critical listening though, they are great. Plus many others feel they are easy to liste to, so...
  23. domsch1988

    Need help with DAC and headphone amp

    As a new HD600 owner, coming from the Beyer DT770 and 990, i'd highly recommend looking for a used 600/650. They've been out long enough and are so omni present that you should be able to find them used for considerably less money (mine where 160€ instead of 299€ new. And they are like new...
  24. domsch1988

    Need help with DAC and headphone amp

    Well, yes, gaming WHILE listening to music draws your attention from the music. Obviously. But this wasn't the argument. The argument was, that a multipurpose/gaming pc won't sound as good as a dedicated machine. Which, in my opinion, is wrong. I've had no coil wine in PC's for probably 10 years...
  25. domsch1988

    Need help with DAC and headphone amp

    I'm really not wanting to turn this whole circle here, but why should a dedicated "Listening" PC sound better than a multi purpose one? I get that, years ago, PC's might have had problems with both tasks, but i don't see any reason why browsing or even gaming on a PC should influence the sound...