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  1. Fozzie

    Need Recommendations for New Wireless Full Size Cans <$400

    Hi All, I'm searching for a new set of wireless headphones mostly for EDM. I'm not a bass head (maybe a little bit) but I want them to have good bass to get the full experience (you know when you feel your head got electrify, I have no other way to describe it :wink:). They have to be closed...
  2. Fozzie

    AKG 518 vs JVC 400/500 vs KOSS DJ100 vs AT ATH-M50 for Vocal Trance (under $130)

    Hi Guys,   I need a recommendation for a new compact portable headphones under $130. My music source will be portable audio player (I have a portable amp, but I don't use it all the time).   I read some reviews on the forum about some models but still not sure which of them will be the...
  3. Fozzie

    Looking for decent wireless IEMs (Phiaton PS 20 BT?)

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for decent wireless IEMs for workout at the gym.   My main IEMs are Shure SE535. When I workout i'm using the SoundMagic PL-50 and I want to replace them with wireless BT set.     Any recommendations ?     What do you think about the Phiaton PS 20 BT ...