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  1. TontonJoK

    audeze lcd2 power needed : edited to the righ forum

    I have a lake people g100 and lcd2 the specifications are : RL (x 2 ) = 100 ohms Ua (dBu) = 24.6 Ua (V) = 13.2 Pa (mW) = 1742 at 100 ohms and 60 ohms 2053 mw When I compare the bass with my hifiman he 400 I feel it is lacking a bit I now lcd 2.2 are power hungry But is it due to to how...
  2. TontonJoK

    audio taylor jade an upgrade from mf xcan v3 ???

    Hello just like to know if it is worth to replace a musical fidelity xcan v3 for an audio taylor jade If someone know it would be great Thanks with ath w1000x
  3. TontonJoK

    what need to be upgraded ?

    Hello, I owned a Xcan v3 with some good tubes and an audio technica w1000x, I listen mainly from xfi fatality on the pc (mp3 320k) I am woundering which part I should change to improve the sound (i know i listen to mp3 but i'd like to keep on cause it s easy and have a lot) I 'd like better...
  4. TontonJoK

    AT w1000X good deal ?

    Hello   I can get those cans  like new for 450 $    I own ath a 900 but didn t like their nasal sounding  (still good cans tho)   are they a lot different ?   thank guys
  5. TontonJoK

    ultrasone pro 900 or pro 2900

    Hello !!   I don t have the chance to listen to those 2 cans and like to know the differences from owners  before getting one   I read a lot of posts on headfi but still confused   thanks
  6. TontonJoK

    best all rounder headphones

    Hello, head fi's guys and girls   I need some help about my next upgrade (I try to do my best in english, its not my 1 language, sorry about that)    I have been reading hundreds and hundreds  pages and still uncertain about what i want about new headphones   I own audio technica ATH...