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  1. cegras

    So what was exactly wrong with Patrick82?

    It seems that the general attitude to him is to politely regard him as a bit of a village fool. Why? On the broad spectrum of things he slots very neatly into the psychoacoustic phenomenon surrounding the entire audiophile business of cables, power conditions, and another not electronically...
  2. cegras

    Don't bend your wires, don't touch them at all!

    Cold working copper to 1% strain reduces conductivity by a factor of 100.
  3. cegras

    Perhaps someone has posted this? "Metallica, Enter the Sandman: Smooth Jazz"   Don't need hi-fi to enjoy this, amazingly, surprisingly catchy.
  4. cegras

    Improve your PCIE sound card with ....
  5. cegras


    I've been thinking of ordering a MS headphone to supplement my closed one. Upon doing a sample checkout, I discovered that the site inserted a 'online 25% off' coupon code. However, the total still remained the same. Is there really a 25% off, or is it applied, or is it a dead code?
  6. cegras

    A Glorious Dawn - Carl Sagan

    YouTube - Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed) Heheh.
  7. cegras

    AKG 271 vs DT250 250

    I'm searching for a closed pair of headphones to complement my SR80's and I came down to these. My budget hovers around ~$200 US. I'll be using this when the house gets noisy, especially as my computer is close to the kitchen. I want to use it for games and music, so I want; - Isolation...
  8. cegras

    Are headphones bad for your hearing .. no matter what?

    I am extremely sensitive to noises, so I tend to listen with my headphones on the very low end of the volume spectrum. However, even so, I will experience bouts of ringing when I go to bed. Loud, high pitched ringing. This problem does not manifest itself with speakers. Is there something...
  9. cegras

    Need help selecting budget desktop amp

    I've recently come into some free money (yay scholarships!), and while most of it will go towards my tuition, I will have a bit of leftover feel-good money. The amount ends up being about $100-200. I am looking for amps that will do a good job with my Grado and with other headphones that I...
  10. cegras

    Brief impressions of Total Bithead / Help with amp selection

    System: Total Bithead -> PA2V2 -> Grado SR80 I purchased this as an upgrade to my onboard sound. What follows is not A/B, but rather just 'absolute' impressions. For many of the tracks, I was surprised to hear that they were a bit veiled. It's hard to describe it this way, so the best way...
  11. cegras

    Soundstage and Visual Cues / Illusions

    So, inspired by a thread in Sound Science where the OP stated he took a walk in the frozen cold with his headphones, I was enticed to do the same. First off, I'm not sure if my Grados will stand up to it. I noticed immediately the cables got stiff and the plastic felt more brittle. Well, oh...
  12. cegras

    Onboard SNR

    I've been dying to find out an explanation, so here goes. It's my understanding that external DAC's or even internal sound cards will be better (by how much, I don't know) than onboard sound. This is due to removal from the motherboard circuitry as well as other factors like having their own...
  13. cegras

    Directional bias in songs

    Once I've started to use headphones, I noticed that a lot of music's deep / high notes tend to be biased on the right ear - it's fatiguing and can be painful sometimes. My audio set up is in my signature. Is this a fault with the hardware, or source, or my ear? For reference, I notice this is a...
  14. cegras

    Beginner's audio/complete dissection of Grado SR80s

    [Pretty much my first time using a point and click. Nikon D50, low light setting, flash manually forced back down or left up. Results - surprisingly good, but nasty sometimes.] Hi! Long time lurker. Recently I put together a decent PC that served my uses and so stalled off the upgraditis...