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  1. oluv

    Reply to review by 'oluv' on item 'Sony MH755'

    Hi Yuri, sorry I just discovered your email within my spam-folder, not sure why it landed there. I will read it now and let's continue our discussion over there...
  2. oluv

    Reply to review by 'oluv' on item 'Sony MH755'

    great idea about the Jaybirds. I was simply hesitant ordering any new ones based on others' recommendations, as all of them were just crap. The cheap Tribit X1 is nice with the right tips, but way too bassheavy, I use smaller tips to get a worse seal this tames bass a little. But I will check...
  3. oluv

    Reply to review by 'oluv' on item 'Sony MH755'

    yes it's me, although I haven't been active for years, it's just yuriv's outstanding review here that made me jump in again, as I share all of his findings regarding the MH750, MH1 by 100%. I also ordered a Quadbeat 3 based on his recomenndation, but the one I got must also be some fake, it has...
  4. oluv

    Reply to review by 'oluv' on item 'Sony MH755'

    Moondrop Crescent, Aria and Kanas Pro sound similar but still somehow the MH1 remains one of the smoothest sounding if not the drawbacks. As a cheaper solution you can also check the Samsung S8 bundle (Samsung earphone tuned by AKG), I got mine for around 15€, sounds very nice too, not as nice...
  5. oluv

    Shanling M1: An iPod Nano Competitor / DAP || USB DAC || USB Transport || Bluetooth 4.0 + aptX || DSD

    Any news on the upcoming firmware update? I am having some severe issues with Bluetooth with mine, many Bluetooth devices do not connect at all, sometimes the whole Bluetooth seems stuck and I cannot delete any paired devices, had to reset the M1 already several times because of this.   Also...
  6. oluv

    Review: RIVA Turbo X High Performance Premium Mobile Bluetooth Speaker – Plus Headquarters Tour

    Here is another detailed review of the RIVA Turbo X from me:   I also prepared some binaural sound comparisons to several different portable speakers, which you can watch on Youtube.   While I think the Turbo X to be...
  7. oluv

    BOSE Micro Music Monitor (M3)

    i also think that these tiny speakers have the biggest sound from anything comparable i have heard. i wonder why only M2 and not the M3 has been released to other countries except japan? i would buy the music monitors directly if they were battery driven and had the same sound on the go. but for...
  8. oluv

    How to open DT770 pro?

    i finally found it! i was already desperate because i tried everything, stuffed some additional foam inside, but it was indeed a hair. it was already inside the driver, went through the paper-membrane but first i couldn't see it. then when i looked closer i discovered a little bit still...
  9. oluv

    How to open DT770 pro?

    thanks all, i opened them yesterday. took every hair out what i could find. but it seems the problem remained. could it be that the wires of the driver start to vibrate with stronger bass and touch the inside of the enclosure? to me this sounds like a typical resonance sound, because when i...
  10. oluv

    Beyer Dynamic DT770pro/250ohm - Low bass even with amp?

    the dt770pro 80ohm has by far the deepest bass i have ever heard from a headphone. i mean it is not boomy, it just reaches deep and has lots of power. i like this sound, especially with old recordrings that are mastered a bit more neutral than todays masterings, which are often over the top...
  11. oluv

    looking for the smalles portable speakers with the biggest sound!

    it is not available in europe. there is now way i can buy it here. but the soundworks seem really interesting!
  12. oluv

    looking for the smalles portable speakers with the biggest sound!

    hey mr. do thanks for the cambridge soundworks link! the first one really looks tempting. i haven't known it before. i knew the other suitcase-like one. but it was also too expensive for what i would like. but the first one is rather cheap 99$ vs 499$ and i am wondering what's wrong with it...
  13. oluv

    looking for the smalles portable speakers with the biggest sound!

    the aego m looks interesting, but it doesn't run from batteries, does it? for home-use i have better sounding speakers. what i need is a good-sounding but small solution for on the go.
  14. oluv

    Sennheiser CX 300 IEM (a personal review)

    as i have not tried the sennheisers yet, i cannot say anything how they compare to the sharp or to the creative. but i have both creative and sharp at home, and at the beginning i thought, wow i have finally found a backup for my md33, where the 4-pole plug starts to break slowly. but i was...
  15. oluv

    Sharp MD-33 : What is with all the leaked sound??

    Quote: Originally Posted by EBisky I've tried the thumb situation...but that does not represent what happens when they go in your ear.. maybe you don't have them deep inside enough? how is your seal? if i insert mine, the rubber-tips disappear completely inside my ear canal...
  16. oluv

    Sharp MD-33 : What is with all the leaked sound??

    Quote: Originally Posted by EBisky was it quiet in the room? give her the headphones and you try to see if you can hear something.. yeah it was totally quiet. i didn't want to bother her with trying my md33 out. i gave her my old ex71 and she is quite happy with them and...
  17. oluv


    i don't know the panasonics, but i have the sonys and the sharps. the sharps definitely sound much better than the sonys. the sonys sound muddy and without details. there is treble, but it is thin and strange sounding, some call it shrill. but there are no mids at all and the bass is too...
  18. oluv

    HD 25-1 Bass Bias?

    strange, mine are very basshavy and quite recessed in the treble... everything above 16khz is cut off quite drastically. maybe there are different hd25-1 around?
  19. oluv

    Just got my um2, and i am not that happy with it. (with pics)

    Quote: Originally Posted by goldfish i am pretty disappointed for the overall quality of it.......... i just ordered my UM2 yesterday
  20. oluv

    headphones for listening michael jackson

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn Kudos, Quincy Jones! Bruce Swedien is the man behind the console on nearly all Quincy Jones' recordings. He is THE man... there are not many of these recording-genius like Tommy LiPuma, Trevor Horn etc...
  21. oluv

    Sennheiser HD25-1's vs in-ear phones

    i have the hd25 and the sharp md33s. i like the sharps when i am out and they are more comfortable to wear. they are not a step upwards compared to the hd25, but they are ok and they are quite cheap. i guess the E5 will be more of a counterpart for the hd25, but to tell the truth i would...
  22. oluv

    PX 100 v. E2c

    Quote: Originally Posted by Remedial If anyone has conducted a comparison. the md33s sound much better. better highs, better mids and a more natural bass. avoid the ex71 if you can. try the md33s instead. but don't forget that they have a 4-pole plug. either you have to use them...
  23. oluv

    Short review of Sharp hp-md33 earphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by Xarthan the cord noise usually comes from the cord when it rubs my neck or collar when i'm walking or turning my head it is better to wrap the cord around your ear from behind, before inserting the md33s into the ears. this way you eliminate nearly all...
  24. oluv

    px100 vs portapro's?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rreynol I don't know what the hell Koss was thinking when they designed the PortaPro line. don't forget that the portapros have their origin in the mid 80s, the design has remained unchanged since then... in the 80s the design certainly rocked
  25. oluv

    px100 vs portapro's?

    i have both. to me the portapro sounds a bit more fun, with fuller bass. the px100 also has strong bass, but it doesn't have this impact. besides the mids are more prominent with the px100, which makes it sound more "neutral" than the portapro. both of them leak quite strong, therefore i...