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    Review by 'Dessyboi' on item 'Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker'

    First of all, I would like to give thanks to Tronsmart (@Tronsmart Official ) for giving me a chance to try out and review on this unit. This is my first time trying out and reviewing a tronsmart item. Prior to this, I have heard really great things about the brand, its quality and wonderful...
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    Review by 'Dessyboi' on item 'CVJ CSE'

    Introduction / Manufacturer Information Accessories -CVJ Earpiece Pouch...
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    Review by 'Dessyboi' on item 'CVJ Mirror'

    Introduction/Manufacturer information Accessories -CVJ Earpiece Pouch -CVJ Eartips...
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    Review by 'Dessyboi' on item 'Knowledge Zenith KZ EDX Single-Dynamic Driver Earphone'

    Specifications Bass As expected of a 1DD, it have incredible amount of bass. Unfortunately, I can hear a little bleeding into the male vocals (low mids). Although there is a substantial amount of bass, it is not boomy and does not overwhelm listener. For this bass, I believe everyone would...
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    Reply to review by 'Dessyboi' on item 'KBEAR Lark'

    Thanks for sharing
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    Review by 'Dessyboi' on item 'CCA C10'

    Some clarification... my personal review is amateur(mostly my hobbit and sharing thoughts with my pal) and not professional. Mostly based on initial impression before and after burn-in (Which mean I listen to songs of genre with no EQ setting, same player at the same volume before and after...
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    Review by 'Dessyboi' on item 'KZ ZS10 Pro'

    ailI finally received this after almost 2 weeks of waiting! I spend some time listening to it using these cables. (1)Default Cable (2)Silver Plated Cable and (3) The new Gold & Silver plated cable. The songs I played using different cables are the same. I've tested them on my Hidizs AP80 at 25%...
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    Review by 'Dessyboi' on item 'KZ ZSN (Knowledge Zenith)'

    Hi all, I'm rather new to audio tech. Just gonna share about how I feel after using the KZ ZSN(upgrade with the silver plated cable). I use it as my permanent earpiece going with my DAP (Hidizs AP80) and sometimes I use it along my PC with an an external usb DAC(Breeze audio ESS9028Q2M) and a...
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    Reply to review by 'Dessyboi' on item 'KZ ZS10 Pro'

    Hi! You are using the default cable from kz right? Any input about the upgrade cables paired with ZS10 pro? Be it the silver plated or the newly launched gold&silver plated cables. And I assume your review was based on 1st impression? Do you plan on doing another review after burn-in (or after...
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    Comment by 'Dessyboi' in item 'KZ ZS10 Pro'

    Waiting for mine to arrive! Ordered the new upgrade cable too.(8 core gold&silver plated) Hopefully it does not have the same issue with the zsn whereas the mid highs were a bit harsh(I think around 11k? Right before the v drop. Especially true when it is female vocals) Will share my experience...