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  1. ColtMrFire

    My youtube channel for movie fans

    Hi all. I started a youtube channel a few months ago, and have been breaking down some of my favorite films. If you're interested in learning more about what makes a movie tick, check it out. There is a new video every Wednesday @ 12 noon Central time. My latest video is about the new Star...
  2. ColtMrFire

    What does "not very fast" mean? (Sennheiser hd600)

    I am new to the audiophile community, so bear with me.  I have the senn hd600 and people talk of them not being "fast"...I did a google search and couldn't really dig anything up for that term on headphones.  Can anyone explain this one?
  3. ColtMrFire

    Cardas cable upgrade for hd600s...worth it?

    Have had my 600s for a few days and it just gets better every day, especially now that I've started using the amarras sound program to drive the audioengine D1 amp for the 600s....   I've went ahead and ordered the 650 upgrade cables because I heard they give the 600s a bit more punch to the...
  4. ColtMrFire

    Newbie looking for purchase advice

    I am not a headphone expert but I appreciate good sound and am looking to upgrade from my skull candy in ear phones to something much more substantial.   My price range is $100-$300...maybe more depending on how good the headphones are, but certainly nothing more than $500.  I have an iMac...