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  1. HiCh

    The journey so far..

    Hey guy, been browsing the forums for over a year and gone through a few headphones and just wondering where to go now. All were paired with my Millet Hybrid, Fubar II Dac and high bitrate Mp3s -ASIO. My first pair were the DT880s. Pros: - Very detailed - Comfortable - Loved the bass...
  2. HiCh

    Need soundcard with 4x Analog outputs

    I'm looking for a new soundcard, currently have the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 and planing to go to a pure stero system as i no longer play games, i'm getting a set of V.A.L M20 MKII booksleeves, a millet hybrid and the AKG701s. So i need a card that has 4 analog outputs so i can connect the...
  3. HiCh

    Warm/Natural Cans Without amp

    Well im looking for a pair of high quality headphones which will be coming from my M-audio revloution soundcard. I will not be getting an amp so that seems to limit my choices greatly. Was looking at the Ad900 and 1000s as they are easily drivin but from what i heard sound quite thin. And the...