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  1. ben4345

    ATH-ES7 > AH-D1001K

    As I was about to buy the AH-D1001K, I find the rumor of the Creative labs Arivna suppose to be the same for a fraction of the AH-D1001K. I started looking at other headphones. Lucky I have 32 OHM, I tried the ATH-ES7, I'd say they got the Denon beat in so many ways. It isn't even funny. *sigh
  2. ben4345

    How many 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter have you collected?

    I have actually lost count, so I was just curious. Oh oh, if I get mine together I gotta take a photo.
  3. ben4345

    DT770 32 ohm for gaming?

    any one?
  4. ben4345

    best closed headphones for less than $80

    balanced sounding. Anyone?
  5. ben4345

    JHaudio ear impressions "What gave you the best fit."

    Choose the option above that gave you a the best fit. Please only JH audio users!
  6. ben4345

    Any recommends for headset

    clothe or similar cups, no leatherette crap closed ear, a little isolation reasonably deep and punchy bass, I am not a bass head but it for gaming a movies so bass is needed. decent soundstage. preferably around the ear, it can be on the ear though. Decent mic, nothing uber special just...
  7. ben4345

    In-line volume control that doesn't suck

    I am looking for a in line volume control that doesn't change the SQ too much. I tried using the one that came with my westones, gold plated at both ends. But reduces the frequency response too much. Any suggestions?
  8. ben4345

    W2 vs JH5 question

    Can any one give a me an idea how the JH5's compare to the W2's unamped. I might be giving up on universal IEM's, returning the W2's. It just seems like customs are a way to go for me. This is what I am looking for in sound. Bass no mid bass humps like the W3's! deep well extended and...
  9. ben4345

    I'm I just weird?

    I ride the bus to work, walk around town, ride my bicycle too. Yet, I think in my entire life I have only noticed one other, person wearing IEM's. ( other then my brother which I was the one to get him into IEMs,) Let alone using a Cowon player. Am I just weird?
  10. ben4345

    Active noise canceling

    Does it help protect your hearing? I understand that it can buy letting you turn down your music in nosier areas. But let's say you are walking down a street with loud traffic, and for the sake of it you decide to put on your ANC headphones. With or without music. I can't imagine that they...
  11. ben4345

    Hmmm.. Westone 1 disapoointment.

    I just got my W1's today, I am already feeling like I made a mistake. I really really really like the fit, they are by far the most comfortable IEM's I have ever worn! I can even lay on my side. But I feel the overall SQ is lacking, big time. I get reasonably good bass but somewhat muddy, the...