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  1. Randius

    iRiver ihp-115/H115 worth getting?

    I am looking for the H120/H140 to pair with my iBasso D12 and I came across this in the classified. Read and found out that it means the capacity is only 15GB and the RAM is half (16MB) of that compared to H120/H140 (32MB). I wish to ask if anyone had owned the H115 previously (and moved on to...
  2. Randius

    New Oyaide HPC-UE IEM Cables!

      Oyaide just announced a new IEM cable for UE IEMs! This uses PCOCC-A cables as core, silver plated OFC as shielding and the famous Oyaide straight silver rhodium plug. This should be available on 15th of December. I will say this looks better than the RC-UE1 released earlier.      
  3. Randius

    Will Fiio be making RC-UE1 cables with other connectors?

    Just found out that Fiio announced the RC-UE1 cables meant for UE IEMs. Is there plan to make these cables with other connectors such as for Westone, Shure, Sony and perhaps the upcoming CK100 Pro?
  4. Randius

    Fiio RC-UE1 IEM cables for UE IEMs!

    It looks like Fiio may be starting to venture into IEM cables with their new RC-UE1 cables. The cables are specifically made for UE IEMs such as TF10, SF5Pro and SF5EB. It uses PCOCC-A cables, measures 1.3m in length and use Fiio's own plug. Impedance is 0.06 ohm. Scheduled to be available in...
  5. Randius

    Audio Technica CK100 PRO! ATH-W3000ANV!

    Audio Technica has just announced an update to the CK100. The CK100 PRO features a new design, has woofer, mid-range and tweeter drivers and surprisingly (or maybe not) removable cables! However, the connector is unlike all we've seen so far. It should be available on 18th of November    ...
  6. Randius

    Fiio D3 / D5 Mini DACs

    Fiio had announced two new products - D3 and D5, at the Spring Headphone Festival 2011 in Japan. These DACs are pretty small in physical dimensions (from the picture, D3 may be just slightly bigger than the E5 amp). The D3 has optical and coaxial input and RCA output. It has a switch but I can't...
  7. Randius

    VentureCraft Go-Dap GD-04 for iPhone 4

    The next iteration of Go-Dap specifically designed for the iPhone 4 is now announced at CES. Still about twice as thick and now it seems that all the buttons and indicators are shifted to the left side. There is also a button for selecting the sampling rate/gain at 48k and 96k/24bit when output...
  8. Randius

    VentureCraft Go-Dap battery pack/portable amp for iPhone 3GS

    When VentureCraft announced the Go-Dap on head-fi, I was interested as it combines both a battery pack for the iPhone 3GS and also an amplifier section. There is absolutely no need for an interconnect as the Go-Dap connects directly to the line-out on 3GS, providing cleaner output. Looking at...
  9. Randius

    Any reviews on Go-Dap?

    I came across this new product in the sponsor announcement section and wonder if there is anyone who had reviewed the product? The idea of combining amp and battery pack seems interesting and doing away with the LOD is much welcomed. However, according to the spec, it is using the same pre-amp...
  10. Randius

    Full-sized can with sound signature resembling UM3X?

    I like how classical music and jazz sound on the UM3X, particularly the intimacy, instrument separation and layering. I am now looking for a portable/full-sized can with sound signature resembling that of the UM3X but have no idea which brand/model to start looking at. My budget will be around...
  11. Randius

    Silver Dragon Custome IEM Cables for Westone UM3X

    I came across the Silver Dragon IEM cables made for JH/UE and IE8. I am wondering if there will be a version for Westone IEMs, particularly the UM2/UM3X with recessed slots. Are there any choices of terminate (oyaide, ViaBlue etc) other than the Neutrik and Pailics?
  12. Randius

    Choosing between Sleek Audio SA-6/Sennheiser IE8/Phonak Audeo PFE

    I am currently using a pair of Sony MDR-EX500 and wish to upgrade to either the Sleek Audio SA-6, Sennheiser IE8 or Phonak Audeo PFE. I had only auditioned the IE8 as the other two are not available in Singapore. So far, I do like the sound signature of IE but the bass may be a bit powerful for...