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  1. floresjc

    Grados for a Hifiman Owner

    I used to own SR80's and loved them. Had Magnum V4's for a while. Sold them for money issues. Got a pair of HE 560's used and they are fabulous. Have the itch to own Grado again.   The GS1000's are what I think I want, although I've seen on this site that perhaps I better re-think it because...
  2. floresjc

    Gotham Headphone recable

    I'm having a pair of Magnum V4's built into some custom phones, which will include 3.5mm mini jacks on the cups so I swap out cables with ease.   I've never built any cables, but I'm pretty decent with solder and would like to learn. I want to try and build a Y cable for my phones, using...
  3. floresjc

    Number of conductors

    Just curious what increasing the conductor count does. I'm having Marty from Martin Custom Audio do a 4 conductor OCC recable, and he also offers 6 and 8 conductor as an option. Is it just a visual thing?