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  1. ebjarrell

    Dekoni Earpad for Sennheiser Momentum

    I'm hoping to find some Dekoni Earpads for my Momentums (original version). I can't seem to find anything on the Dekoni site but I refuse to believe they haven't made a set for these things.
  2. ebjarrell

    I could use some DAC/Amp help folks.

    OK, I currently have the original iFi iDAC and I really love the sound. However, I'm wanting to experiment with MQA, which iFi is not releasing the firmware for. Size and price are a bit of an issue, portability is not. My two top contenders are the iFi nano iDSD BL or the Pro-Ject Pre Box s2...
  3. ebjarrell

    Help with iFi iDAC

    Hi all, I have the original iFi iDAC (ancient) and the headphone jack is loose. I bought a torx set, hoping that one of the tiniest ones would fit, but they are still too big. Living in Ireland, I can't pop in to a local Home Depot and get what I need, and will have to order it.l So, does...
  4. ebjarrell

    Japaear JEG-999 Advice

    Has anyone heard of this thing? The two reviews that I read on it were from "customers" and were great reviews.
  5. ebjarrell

    NuForce Primo 8 IEM

    So, the Primo 8 is cheap as chips on Massdrop right now ($179.00) What is the consensus? Yes? Hell yes? No? Hell no? Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
  6. ebjarrell

    Ear problems?

    I'm curious who else may have this problem.  I use IEMs exclusively and currently have the Westone 4R.  I have noticed that, no matter what tip I use, I am getting repeat ear problems in my right ear.  I'm not sure if it's just the ear canal not being tough enough or what but I'm getting a bit...
  7. ebjarrell

    Sennheiser Momentum Replacement Cables

    I was just given a set of Sennheiser Momentum headphones but the cable is broken. (Dog ate it) Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction on getting a replacement set other than the ones from Sennheiser?   EJ