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  1. szympog

    V Moda M80s Questions-Sound Isolation

    I was also considering Sony MDR-1R, and PSb M4U1, ATM-H50s, PSB M4U1s, COPs, Fidelio L1, DT770s,  ATH-A900X just if you had any thoughts or anyone else does.
  2. szympog

    V Moda M80s Questions-Sound Isolation

    No problem, I completely understand where your coming from.   As for the dt770s, would I need an amp to power the 32ohm version? I only have an ipod touch 5th gen. and I would also be using my laptop. Would you say its better SQ than the monster inspirations? Would you say these are fun...
  3. szympog

    V Moda M80s Questions-Sound Isolation

    My bad, it wasn't intended to get attention, I just had so many questions and am kinda scrambling to make a decision, and being new and all wasn't sure what constituted an overloaded thread, and how many different topics I could address in one without being all over the place, and not getting...
  4. szympog

    Comfort and Isolation of VMODA M80s

    Titles says it all, any experience appreciated  :)   Cheers
  5. szympog

    V Moda M80s Questions-Sound Isolation

    Hey all,   Im considering selling my monster inspirations I got for $220, and reinvesting them into something less name brandy, better SQ and comfort as theyre just not wide enough for my whole ear)   I would sell for $180, and reinvest. Im wondering if I just skip having the...
  6. szympog

    Monster Inspiration Headphones vs AKG K550s vs ATH-M50 and other questions

    Hey I was just wondering what peoples opinions were on these headphones. I bought monster inspirations passive version on sale for about $220 and was wondering if I should maybe sell them for $180 and reinvest in another less name brand more quality headphones. Are these good headphones for the...
  7. szympog

    HELP! Newbie Mistake, Monster Inspiration Headphones should i sell and reinvest

    Intro Below ( since they say to introduce yourself when you make an account :), real questions underneath if not interested in my life ;) Sorry for long Lots of questions and moral dilemmas      So i can't decide yet whether discovering head fi has been a good thing or bad thing... Im new to...