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  1. whitemass

    Superlux HD681 Lifespan?

    I've been reading a lot on these because their a headphone I was looking at grabbing. I see an issue of people on Amazon saying they've only lasted a month or not even a few months. Can anyone with experience tell me how long they've had theirs and their experience with the can themselves? I...
  2. whitemass

    [Question]What are the best/newest/cheapest?

    Hi, I'm approaching this to see what options I have for Over Ear Headphones. I had my AudioTechnica ATH-M50 for well over 11 Years, recently they just broke. I wanted to see from everyone around what the best pairs of Over Ear Headphones are right now. In the past, I always saw a ton of...
  3. whitemass

    Earbuds Going Bad[Thoughts/Views]

    So as I've delved more into audio and proceeded to try out more of the market out In-Ears to Earbuds, Earbuds have really posed a question to me, Earbuds like the VE Monk, & others. Can Earbuds truly last you as long as headphones? I've always heard the old folk tales of people having...
  4. whitemass

    Need Advice, Choosing Headphones.

    Hi, guys.  I'm sure a lot of you have seen me around a few times.   I need a bit of help. I'm trying to replace, and add some new headphones, & IEMs to my collection.   My Issue: I'm not the kind of person to go out and just try something completely new, or buy something at random. I...
  5. whitemass

    Best Android Music Players, & EQ Apps?

    I've been a huge Android use for over the past eight years, and generally I go with. - PlayerPro Premuim - Any headphone available, I test a lot of headphones. - Generally using the PlayerPro EQ   I've never found, or delved into the world of EQ'ing my buds, & cans. But I'm a Warm Sound...
  6. whitemass

    Good, Cheap, & Durable Basic IEMs?

    I've got $88 to spend, and I'm just trying to find a nice IEM. I plan on buying 2 Pairs, so please be careful of recs. I'd like some help finding something with nice Bass, not too bassy, and a nice vocal response. I love the AudioTechinca sounds, I don't know if that helps, but rec away!:)
  7. whitemass

    Looking for a 2015 List

    Hi, I'm frequent on the forums, but I'm also just getting extreme with audio, and decided to take it to Head-Fi.   I've been loving it here, but I also have been wanting to buy some more headphones, earphones, and other audio equipment.   Could someone make a list, or give me a pretty good...
  8. whitemass

    Upgrade from ATH-M50

    Kinda balls up to it. So, if you want feedback from me so it's a bit easier to recommend headphones. Read this Basically, it's my attempt at a review.   I'm gonna use this as a reference one time. "If you've generally...