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  1. 7nationarmy

    [REVIEW] Aurisonics ASG-1 rev 1.2 : A Custom Lookalike (2/11/12 update: Comply and Jaben Foam Tips!)

    Hey guys this is my first ever review and I just want to say that I am not an expert audiophile and not a native English speaker. Pardon me if I make mistakes as you read through. Hope you enjoy this review!  AURISONICS ASG-1 rev 1.2 The first time I heard about the ASG-1, I found it very...
  2. 7nationarmy

    Eartips for GR06

    Hey there! Care to help a newbie? Which eartips fit the GR06 perfectly? (Which comply series? Monster supertips? Any tri-flanges?)   Cheers, a newb~
  3. 7nationarmy

    DIY cable help

    I am looking for a good quality but cheap DIY cable form a mini XLR female to 3.5mm jack. Recommend me, preferably below USD30  per metre (can be shipped internationally). I would like the flexible ones, like the general headphone cables, not the stiff ones. Cheers
  4. 7nationarmy

    Portable Amp for my RHP-20

    I own a pair of Reloop RHP-20. Firstly, would it benefit much from a portable amplifier? If yes, which one would you suggest : JDSLabs cMoyBB, PA2V2, E6, E11, or ZO2? Or maybe any other amps in the same price range? I listen mostly to rock, alternative, RnB, and hip hop.