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  1. Headzone

    USB Audio Interface and mouse/keyboard interference

    Hi, so I just purchased a new audio interface - Novation NIO 2/4   Problem is when I plug in my USB keyboard and USB mouse and the interface at the same time, they just won't work together. I can get two of them to work, but one will always give error code 10 ("unable to boot device")   My...
  2. Headzone

    SubPac Personal Subwoofer   What do you guys think?
  3. Headzone

    Drumming albums?

    So I've been looking for albums or songs with high fidelity drumming/drum solos or whatever. Most songs/drum solos I find from spotify for example, sound really unrealistic/ not dynamic, they don't sound like real drums at all.     These are just some random "good" examples that I found...
  4. Headzone

    Need new headphones

    So im in need of new headphones. I have some 15€ Philips headphones at the moment, which are kinda okay (for the price), but i need lower bass. Im mainly listening to techno, drum and bass, but also some rock and everything else that feels and sounds good. Im kinda not looking for hifi...