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    Visit at qdc - Custom In-ears from China

    Over my 10 years as audiophile and reviewer, I owned 8 different custom in-ears and I was always extremely curious how are they made. So, when I finally got my chance to visit one of the manufacturers during my stay in China, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Firstly, I must give my thanks to...
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    Portable Audio shop in Shenzhen??

    Hi,   please, does anybody know of some nice shop in Shenzhen, that would be focusing on portable audio? I was in Shenzhen last year and visited Hifi Market at Huaqiang Road(which had like one headphones focused shop only) and near by Jaben shop (which was significantly less interesting than...
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    Where to upgrade from Hifiman RE-272

    I was living with my Hifiman 272 for past year and I was really happy with them, but now I want to get something little better. I have my JH16 customs, but I use these just at home.   I'm looking into universals, with reasonable price from 400-600$, so no AKG K3003 or Sennehiser IE800 for...
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    Prague CZ meeting - May 14th

    Hi, I just want to inform you about our headphone meeting in Prague, Czech Republic.   If you are Czech Head-fier or just somebody who is accidentally in Prague, you are welcome(Just PM me before)   When: Saturday, May 14th Where: Conference room of Rezidence...
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    Amp which convert SE in Balanced

    Hi, how many amps can convert SE into Balanced? I know about RSA Protector, DNA Sonett ans Rudistor amps. Any other?
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    Buying Pico, is there anything better at this price?

    Hi, I´m thinking of buying Pico DAC only, but isnť there anything better than pico in this price? I know that for example Iron_dreamer prefer Pico to Apogee minidac and Benchamark, I also think that Edwood write something like that, but on other hand, some people prefer for example headroom...
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    DAC under 350$

    Hi, I´m looking to buy some DAC to use with me BVaudio headamp and AKG K701. Optimaly it should use USB, if it use optical I must use Edirol UA-1EX. I see many people really like Pico DAC only, is something better in this price range? Thanks for help.
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    Resistor adaptor same as Sound level attenuator

    Hi, I will need some resistor adaptor, because I want to use my IEm with my new desktop amp. I saw something like this ETYMOTIC ER4P TO ER4S RESISTOR ADAPTOR (3.5MM PLUG) - eBay (item 290331040469 end time Aug-11-09 18:59:42 PDT) also I have spare Sound level attenuator from UE, but I´m not sure...
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    Shop in Berlin

    Hi, I´m going on vacation to Berlin, and I´m looking for some shop where I can buy Sennheiser HD600 or AKG k701 for good price. Can anybody from Germany help me?
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    Amp for Diymod under 150$

    Hello, I finally turn my ipod 5.5g to DIYmod, now I´m looking for some good amp under 150$ with shipping. In this spectrum it is Nuforce icon mobile, Ibasso T4 and Little dot MK1(which look really great). Can you please give me advice, or recommend me any other for this price. Secondly, can...