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  1. legopart

    Though to use T1 driver on another headphones, need some help

    What will happened if I unscrew the bolts and pull off the driver? I see that the connectors/ wired area is glued, so I guess that it will cut the driver connectors forever. I want to use this driver for another headphones to achieve more results. do anyone try it before ? any ideas? from...
  2. legopart

    [question] Can I amp reqular headphones from a speaker amp?

    I heard from some one that its possible. Can It work? Can you explain me about the difference between speaker output and headphones output? thanks.
  3. legopart

    Silica Gel, For headphone cases and electronics?

    If I had some I throw. But now when I though how to improve and keep my headphones for long time period For example the electrostatic that can suffer from wet and moist area. so what do you think about this chemical? buy it from ebay?
  4. legopart

    Replace HD6XX foam

    I tried to make the band softer (the pads too). It's the chip ebay ones (no the original) I dont know if its possible to replace the foam inside the pads, because if the pads cut it may be a big problem to use them
  5. legopart

    can I mod dt880 with t1 driver ?

    I accidentally break one of my drivers on my dt880. I decide to by new pair, and even triple the price and order the t1 driver. do you think that it can work? in addition I done some mods on this headphones and add detachable cable option and want to buy newer pads. What do you think?
  6. legopart

    diy wooden headphones

    First of all I was skeptical if its possible to make something like headphones at home. So I resided to use the most cheap part with no professional measuring . The driver is 32ohm no named. The sound not quality as much but it has a good coloring from the wood with little bit echo. The headband...
  7. legopart

    Question about Audio Technica ATH-M50 replacemant drivers with ATH-M50X

    I have problem with the drivers on my ATH-M50, can I replace them with the new one drivers of ATH-M50X (can It fit)? Is it reccomand?   Thanks, Arthur.