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  1. Luke Pighetti

    Vibro Labs is going on sabbatical

    Vibro Labs is going on sabbatical until June 10th.   We will be at the NYC Head-fi meet with a big announcement.   Please everyone enjoy the end of the semester and the beginning of spring! GET OUTSIDE!   Cheers, Luke   Note: outstanding orders & RMA will be in the mail by Monday, April...
  2. Luke Pighetti

    GIVEAWAY — MAYA by Vibro Labs

        MAYA by Vibro Labs   MAYA is our neutral, musical, flagship earphone that accurately portrays vocals, preserves microdetails, and presents lightning fast sub-bass extension.  We are giving away one universal Maya earphone.   Giveaway signup Sign up here,
  3. Luke Pighetti

    The decline of JNCOs

    Back in the 90s, whenever you looked outside, kids would be running around with big floppy jeans. They were a display of independence and youth. These days, everyone wears spandex jeans. You rarely see any JNCOs.   Maybe in some obscure thrift stores of places like Portland Oregon you may see...