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  1. Fantoon

    Meier Audio Daccord

    Impressive piece of equipment. A bit off topic Jan, have you considered producing a power amp or an integrated amp? :)
  2. Fantoon

    Meier Audio StageDAC

    Awesome, I was just about to ask about the "inside" :)
  3. Fantoon

    NuForce DDA-100 impressions thread (computer, but not headphone, DAC/amp)

    When is the review coming? I'm looking forward to reading it!  Maybe I can ask you a question anyway, will you say they are good enough to drive B&W DM683 with authority?
  4. Fantoon

    NuForce Releases HAP-100, Single-ended Class-A High-End Headphone Amplifier

    Suprisingly very little interest in this amp, have I been away that long? I remember when Nuforce introduced the HDP...
  5. Fantoon

    Win a Sennheiser AMPERIOR and limited edition vinyls!

    love the styling of the amperior, I want it badly!
  6. Fantoon

    Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

    That's what they cost here in Sweden.   Quote:  
  7. Fantoon

    [REVIEW] Atomic Floyd SuperDarts +Remote – IEM of STEEL

    Good Review. They are available in apple store here in Sweden. Will probably try them out. Thank you for the impressions!
  8. Fantoon

    Buzz with Musical Fidelity M1 DAC Async USB

    Can you try the Dac with another source?
  9. Fantoon

    Review: Fischer Audio's DBA-02

    I used an angled neutrik plug. Pretty straight forward. Loving the quality of the new plug. Feels like a new IEM. Need to practice on my soldering skills though, Next time I will shoot at a recabling job :)   Quote:  
  10. Fantoon

    Sennheiser RS220 Availability?

    Sennheiser is cheaper in Europe than the US, I can preorder it for 400$ shipped! :D
  11. Fantoon

    An Absolutely Amazing Headphone Album! - Head-Fi TV, Episode 006

    Thought the same thing!   Quote:    
  12. Fantoon

    The Official Rockbox for Android Registry

    I got it working, the audio quality is good enough and the options are "endless". I'm not really impressed by the user interface at this point. Went for power amp instead, sorry :(
  13. Fantoon

    The Official Rockbox for Android Registry

    Sorry for my ignorance and my lack of knowledge in android as a platform (got my desire today as my first android phone). I would very much like to install rockbox (DFKT edition) on my device, how the **** do I do that?
  14. Fantoon

    radius website says HP-TWF21 is ready

    Picture? Please? :)   Quote:   Quote:  
  15. Fantoon

    Superlux Express Train

    I was on the hunt for some cheap fullsize headphones. Thanks!
  16. Fantoon

    REVIEW: Fischer Audio FA-011 - OFF THE DEEP END!!

    is someone running these from a udac2?
  17. Fantoon

    Cowon C2 Impression and Discusion Thread

    no release date?
  18. Fantoon

    IEM for iphone 4 with Remote and Mic

    Jays a-Jays Four, or Nuforce NE-700M. Try them
  19. Fantoon

    Argon HA1

    With which phones?   Quote:  
  20. Fantoon

    Sennheiser HD598 > HD650 ?

    What about the K601, I actually liked it better than the k701 on many fronts. Give it a try, if you can.
  21. Fantoon

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    How is the soundstage of the W4 compared to the DBA-02, sorry if this question has been answered before. 
  22. Fantoon

    REVIEW: Fischer Audio FA-011 - OFF THE DEEP END!!

    Anyone wit the uDac-2 expecting this unit soon? 
  23. Fantoon

    REVIEW: Meier Audio Concerto headphone amp

    It would be rather cool if he shared some of his thoughts with us in this thread. Jan, are you there? :)
  24. Fantoon

    REVIEW: Fischer Audio FA-011 - OFF THE DEEP END!!

    I'm very curious on this comparison as well.   Quote: