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  1. tuckers

    [Limited Review] Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 In-Ear Headphones

    I recently got two IEMs to try out.  The Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 In-Ears and the RHA T10i.  I wanted something to improve upon my RHA MA750is which I really love. For other headphones I also have the Mr. Speakers Alpha Prime and the Original Audeze LCD-2s.     My whole reason for an IEM...
  2. tuckers

    Portable Dac/Headphone combo for iPad?

    I'm looking for the ultimate USB DAC/Headphone amp to use with my iPad when I am on the road. I may use it with my Audeze LCD-2.  It would also be cook to have a line out for connecting active speakers, but I doubt I will find that.   There's the headroom products, and a few others, but I'm...
  3. tuckers

    Replacing Nuforce NE-7M with what??

    Oh, the irony. After listening to the IEMs at RMAF, and liking my NuForce NE-7M more and more, I leave them in the hotel. So should I replace them? Or perhaps there is an even better choice under $100? I liked the Nuforces with the Comply foam best. What I liked about the Nuforce...
  4. tuckers

    Comparison of the PS Audio GCHA and Melos SHA Gold

    I got a GCHA recently, and I have been comparing it to my Melos SHA Gold. I have been using the Senheisser HD 650s with a Moon Audio Silver Dragon cord. I also have Sensaphonic 2x headphones, a MG OTL, and a Xin Feng SM3 V6 with custom opamps. My Melos had been lightly worked on recently...
  5. tuckers

    What does a headphone need to be happy besides gain?

    I had a specific thread below, but I would like to ask the more generic question of what does a headphone require besides simple gain to sound great? My Sensaphonincs sound good directly out of my iAudio X5, there is plenty of gain with them, but when I add my PiMeta, they sound much better...
  6. tuckers

    Do I need an amp - Or something else?

    I got a Melos SHA-Gold today, my other amp is an ASL MG-Head II OTL. I've been starting to listen with a pair of Sensaphonic 2x. My HD650s are also an option. The Sensaphonics are very efficient, and my preamp (Shindo Catherine - all tube output) is very powerful. The combination without a...
  7. tuckers

    Amp without volume pot???

    Since I have a very nice preamp, the thought of putting my music through the types of volume pots in most of the amps out there isn't appealing. Is there a way to use my preamp going directly into a headphone amp, bypassing a volume pot?
  8. tuckers

    Radio interference coming through my MG Head OTL III

    My MG Head is breaking in and the sound is getting really nice! Very rich and creamy. I can't wait to get my NOS tubes and start some modding. But I am getting a faint bleed through of a radio station. Any recommendations for getting rid of this? Something to add to the circuitry? I...
  9. tuckers


    Looking through the postings of mods to the MG Head it looks like they are all pretty much for MKI and II. Anybody have experience with the MKIII? I see a lot of room for improvement. By looking at III it seems they have licked the hum problem some were having by putting the AC in an...
  10. tuckers

    I'm joining the ranks

    Well, I have a pair of HD 650s and an ASL MG Head DT/OTL MKIII on the way. I haven't had a good headphone since my pairs of Stax Lamba pros in the eighties! I need them to do some critical listening to some circuits we are developing, and it's a good excuse to jump in. Can anyone point me...