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  1. aeriyn

    Amping the Karma

    Gain of 3 is actually okay for the MS-1s, but might be too much for the E2 since it has 16ohms impedance and a fairly high sensitivity. Try unity gain, maybe.
  2. aeriyn

    Sexually ambiguous avatars?

    My avvies are usually J-Rock or J-Pop artists that I listen to. Makes sense, no?
  3. aeriyn

    Decisions, decisions...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia Head-fi is the the destroyer of the green. If you want to stay, you're gonna have to pony up. Not to us, but to that shiny new cd player you will be getting. Even if you don't know it yet. I hate you all. *cry* I will never see a fat bank...
  4. aeriyn

    Decisions, decisions...

    My boss is a slightly chubby Japanese man who plays World of Warcraft and is an ex-EQ player. Needless to say, he rocks.
  5. aeriyn

    Why do you guys spend so much on Open Headphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ogewo The B&W Nautilus Prestige would have been much nicer. Not sure why you didn't get that. Whoa, I must be pretty speaker-dumb because those things look nothing like any speaker I've ever seen... Alien technology, I say!
  6. aeriyn

    New Minidisc player/recorder with OLED display

    Quote: Originally Posted by daphox They can invent all they want. They need to do something 'bout their crappy output! w0rd. Sharp, hear the pleas of the masses and release an Auvi MP3-compliant Hi-MD recorder with an 18mW or higher output.
  7. aeriyn

    New mini next week?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cyclone the mini is still going to be a loser... Uh-huh. Which microdrive player is selling better? Apple's market share doesn't seem to equal "loser" to me. Now if only people would use the stock buds for what they're actually good for... like...
  8. aeriyn

    Sony to take on [again] iPod "by end of the year"

    I have noticed that while the large iPods seem to be a common head-fi'er choice for portable audio, very, very few head-fi'ers use the iPod Mini. I only know of myself and a few others. Most head-fi'ers with microdrives seem to pick the Zen. *shrug* I dunno, I didn't like the looks of the Zen...
  9. aeriyn

    Help! Can't get highs out of E3c's

    All of Shure's phones have pretty rolled-off treble. The solution is to EQ them; the treble is there, it's just rolled way off. Pushing up the deficient frequencies on your player's EQ will help; these phones are very tolerant of equalization.
  10. aeriyn

    Noob building 75 ohm adapter... Help?

    It's really quite simple. All you have to do is get some 1/8 watt 1% metal-film 75ohm resistors. Unless you have an uber meter, you're not going to be able to match them any closer than they already are (1% of 75ohms is .75ohms, so the imbalance will likely be negligible, it has been in all...
  11. aeriyn

    What will teach in school next...

    My chemistry teacher taught us how to make mortar type fireworks, complete with sparklies and colors and a homemade launch tube out of PVC pipe. She didn't get arrested.
  12. aeriyn

    machine gun VS the katana video

    It's really amazing that an ancient design like a katana is so incredibly strong... it really says a lot about the skill of Japanese swordsmiths.
  13. aeriyn

    "Evidence of Present Life on Mars "...

    Very interesting article; and it makes a good point. If life on earth like archaeobacteria which live in conditions that would kill any other form of life, then I'm sure life can exist in other places with similar harsh conditions.
  14. aeriyn

    AD843 - my new favorite opamp!

    As was stated previously, the AD843 draws 13mA of quiscient. As for the headphones I'm using, they are my DT440s. I've never heard Grados on OPA627, but I've heard my headphones on OPA627 and it's not lively enough for me. Very detailed, very resolved, but slow. Too slow for me.
  15. aeriyn

    CMoy DC Jack Troubles

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sinbios i happen to have one on hand, but it's for my MINT. does 0.7V's worth of unbalance affect anything? Probably not really. Most resistor dividers are off even more than that.
  16. aeriyn

    CMoy DC Jack Troubles

    The power rails in a cMoy are going to be that unbalanced, moreso when music is playing. The resistive voltage divider is not perfect. If you want to keep the rails more even, replace the two resistors with a TLE2426 "rail splitter." Oh, and yeah you need an isolated DC jack, or it will...
  17. aeriyn

    Ipod thefts finally came to the big city

    Yeah, as in I got laid off. I'm having to sell the REST of my rig to pay rent most likely. Note that this time, I actually need the money, and I'm not whining about it nor am I accepting any money from the people here. Unless of course you buy whatever I'm going to sell. Considering the...
  18. aeriyn

    can KSC75s > bose? :D?

    Nothing special, I just changed the foam pads for some stuff I made out of a thinner foam that I got... somewhere. Don't ask me where, I have no idea where it came from, but it's softer and more comfy and didn't affect the sound. Also I soldered a 47ohm 1/8 watt 1% metal-film resistor onto each...
  19. aeriyn

    Can u suggest some safe&cheap websites for headphone hunting?

    What, no one recommended Todd? Todd rocks, yo.
  20. aeriyn

    Black w red tracer techflex source?

    I'm also looking for this, but black with silver tracers rather than red. I didn't see it on partsexpress either...
  21. aeriyn

    Anyone have the Singlepower Suprs SDS-T yet?

    I find it amusing that the power supply for that amp is nearly twice the size of the amp. One day when I make more money (or when Hell freezes over, whichever comes first) I'd like to buy a Singlepower amp. Maybe a PPX3.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Buffalo Bill Ah, an ode to Mel Brooke's 'Spaceballs', if anyone remembers that part early on in the movie. w0rd. use the schwartz.
  23. aeriyn

    can KSC75s > bose? :D?

    Price high or price low, I just find that I never am able to think of Bose as anything but terrible since I've heard so much that's far better (at comparable prices, much lower prices and much greater prices...). I think my modded KSC-75 sounds much better than the triports they had for demo...
  24. aeriyn

    New phones needed, advice?

    The Audio-Technica clip on phones are known to be mild on the bass. They aren't exactly the cheapest in the world though.
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    That's... uhm... very interesting.