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  1. Spaceman24

    True wireless IEM recommendations?

    So I’ve been very much enjoying my wired Audio Technica E70 IEMs and Beyerdynamic/Astell&Kern T5p but I’m getting jealous of the people who aren’t fiddling with wires all the time. Does anyone know of a true wireless IEM that sounds anywhere close to the E70 (or T5p)? I’m not worried about...
  2. Spaceman24

    Best Closed Cans ~$300

    Hello all, I'm starting to get the itch to upgrade my full size cans (focused on iems for a while) and of course I'd like some advice from my fellow Head-Fiers. I currently have the Beyerdynamic COPs (which have been great) but I think it's time for a step up and something with more...
  3. Spaceman24

    Amp for Beyer Custom One Pros?

    Hey guys, I've just been wondering if the COPs would greatly benefit from an approx. $100 portable amp like the Fiio E11 or such. The cans only have 16 ohm impedance and I've been very pleased with the sound when paired with my iPhone 5 and PS4 (used for gaming as well) and I don't know if it...
  4. Spaceman24

    Replacement pads for Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro's

    I'm interested in getting some new ear pads for my COPs but I don't know what other pads are compatible or how different materials (pleather, velour, etc) affect the sound. What types of pads do you guys like?
  5. Spaceman24

    Maingear Desktop and iBuyPower Valkyrie giveaway!

    Hey guys, just spreading the word about a new PAX Prime giveaway of two awesome PC gaming systems. Enter now for free at Sign up before sep. 6!
  6. Spaceman24

    Sony XB1000 vs audio technica pro 700 mk2 vs beyerdynamic dt770 pro-80

    Hey everybody, this is my first thread so don't be too critical. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I have been searching for some medium range headphones (~$200) with awesome bass ( punchy, powerful, and super deep) while still having great mids and highs. However, I'm mainly looking for bass since...