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  1. manbear

    Best Fiio amp for Sound Quality

    I am participating in the Perfect Sound Dido D901 tour, and I don't have a suitable amp to drive them. I'm thinking that I should get a used Fiio here, and then sell it when I'm done. The goal is to have a way to connect my Concero DAC to the Dido (my speaker amp is not the greatest choice...)...
  2. manbear

    $20-30 IEM for the gym

    I lost my NuForce NE-600X IEMs and I'm in need of a new pair for gym duty. I get good sound quality from my home rig in my sig, and I'm really not interested in paying more than $30. I'm sure I could pay more to get something better, but I just want something I can sweat on and lose again in a...
  3. manbear

    Volume, Power, Voltage, Current, and Amplifier Output Impedance in Planar Headphones

    I'd like to check with the folks of Sound Science to make sure I'm understanding these concepts correctly. Let's imagine we have two of the same planar magnetic headphones (how about an HE-400 with a flat impedance of 35 ohms), hooked up to two different amps. Amp #1 is a SS speaker amp with 300...
  4. manbear


    I couldn't find a thread for pics of crazy audio systems, but this one takes the cake by far IMO. Look at that backyard!
  5. manbear

    EQ and Bit Depth

    I have a question about EasyQ (or just EQ in general) on Foobar. Right now, I'm using WASAPI and I have the bit depth set to 24 bits in Foobar. I know there is some debate about whether WASAPI improves sound quality, but I just use it because it's the easiest way to set everything to 24...
  6. manbear

    Reputation System

    This forum could use a reputation system like many other forums have -- any user can give others' posts positive or negative reputation points (subject to approval by a mod). These points determine a score for each poster. There could be restrictions to prevent abuse, such as user A can't give...
  7. manbear

    24/96 vinyl rips don't sound any better

    I have some flac files that are 24/96 vinyl rips, but I don't think they sound any better than 16/44 CD rips. 24/96 rips taken from a digital source, like an SACD or DVD Audio, often sound better than their 16/44 counterparts to me, however. I'm guessing that this is because the vinyl equipment...
  8. manbear

    Bifrost vs. Parasound Zdac? or maybe Gungnir?

    I'm currently in the market for a new DAC. Budget is around $500 I guess ... After reading extensively on this site, I think I've narrowed it down to either a Schiit Bifrost (with USB and uber stage) or a Parasound Zdac. Can anyone offer any comparisons between these two? I'm also considering...
  9. manbear

    Review: HRT MS2 and JDS Labs Cmoy 18V

      Review: HRT Music Streamer II and JDS Labs Cmoy 18V This is a review of the HRT Music Streamer II and JDS Labs Cmoy 18V taken together as a whole. I have not used either component independently of the other, so my judgments only apply to the combination of the two. While this may not be...
  10. manbear

    CMOY+HRT vs ibasso?

      Hello all, While this is my first post to the forum, I've been an avid reader for the past few months and in that time I've decided to invest in some decent headphones. My current headphones are a pair of Sony MDR-V6 that I've had for 7 years, and I've found that my biggest problems with...