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  1. Ev0lution

    Just upgraded my Rig - MOST of my music sounds worse now ;(

    Hi everyone, i just upgraded to a new amp, the Leckerton UHA-4, and for some reason most of my tracks sound worse now...  I'm really just enjoying a hand full of my albums... but on most of my tracks it sounds worse... but why?!  It sounds kinda like if you would look trough an... unsharp...
  2. Ev0lution

    Is it still worth "investing" in 5.5 Gen. iPods/iMods? (sounds kinda strange, i know...)

    Hi everyone, i just bought a HELL lot of parts for my 5.5g DIY mod, which im going to rebuild and upgrade soon to 256GB SSD (a few Front/Rear covers - thick,thin - just in case... (30/80GB), a new Clickwheel, 1 Battery, and a HP Jack.... etc. LOL) worth about 150 Bucks lol... it still hurts in...
  3. Ev0lution

    Upgrade From Fiio E17? (DAC+AMP, main usage for Laptop...)

    Hey Everyone, since quite some time now, I#m using my Fiio e17 and my netbook as my main (trans -) portable source! 'bout half a year ago, or so i purchased a Hippo Cricri+ and was immediately blown away! compared to my Fiio E17, it felt alot more lively and due to the higher sparkle in the...
  4. Ev0lution

    !HELP! did my Fiio E17 Just died?

    Hey everyone, for some reason, my Fiio E17 just started to produce some HORRIBLE Noises, even when no music is playing through it...  what could be the reason for this? btw the noise gets even louder when music plays, i am still able the hear the music through the noise... it sounds kinda...
  5. Ev0lution

    Anberlin Albums - Quality?! (Tooth&Nail Records)

    Hi everyone! has anyone ever listened to "Anberlin"'s albums? i don't know why but they just sounded ******* bad... sounded kinda compressed, almost like 64kbps MP3... after listening to the album as a FLAC file i even purchased it and reripped it myself... but no change at all =(  I Just...