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  1. Steve Guppy

    Closed back headphone recommendations, suggestions and all round advice (£200 - £500)

    So, to all my fellow Head-Fi'ers. Looking for my 1st pair of over-ear closed back headphones, and am basically open to any help, advice and suggestions as to which to try, based on your own personal experiences and likes, for whatever reasons. I listen to a wide range of music, from Pearl Jam...
  2. Steve Guppy

    iBasso IT03.

    So, after a bit of research and lots of deliberation, I finally plumped for the iBasso IT03 as my 1st foray into proper IEM's and as an upgrade to my beloved 1more Triples. And i have to say my 1st reactions were shockingly bad!! Where was all this bass I kept reading about? So the quest for...