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  1. neworder75

    Vsonic GR07, FischerAudio DBA02, Brainwavz B2, HiFiMan RE262... Or any other below u$s200 which doesn´t need an amp?

    Hi,     I´m looking for replace my nuforce ne7. And I´m interested in the mentioned iems.     The idea is to spend less than u$s 200 and buy an item which doesn´t need an amp. I mostly listen to electro, techno, pop.     Does anyone have an idea if these ones need an amp? Does anyone know...
  2. neworder75

    Replacement for Bose in-ear, I hear recomendations!

    Hi everybody, I´m looking for new in-ear phones in order to replace my Bose. I usually hear 80´s pop, brit pop, tecno. And I prefer bright highs and deep bass(sorry for my description, I´m beggining with this ). These are the models that can be found in my city. I´d like to hear your...