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  1. Abovetheair

    Headphone repair

    Hello,   Does anyone know of a shop that would repair my DT770's (250ohm) for a decent price and have them back within a week or two?   All that is wrong is my dog chewed through the wiring in between the right and left speakers.   Beyerdynamic offers a service, but is backed up until new...
  2. Abovetheair

    My Dog has Caused me a Heart Attack (Picture inside)

    So, Head-fi. How would you like it if you bought some Dt880's a month ago, and have them ruined by your dog? This is what I was greeted with today, how lovely, right? The headphones were on my dresser. He knocked them off and completely chewed through a cord. I think I can repair it, I'm not...
  3. Abovetheair

    M50's have gone to the dark side

    Hello head-fi,   I have had my Audio-Technica M50's and they have been used off and on for about 2 years now-since December 2010. Even though I am not a fan of the headphones anytime I tried to sell them I got a fraudulent buyer. Enough about the story behind them.   I have been using...
  4. Abovetheair

    DAC Around $100 (Details inside)

    Hello,   I am looking to purchase my first DAC and I have $100 for AMAZON ONLY to spend on it (Can be adjusted about $10), so $110. What are the best options in that range? Also I have some plug and play speakers for my computer. Can you plug the aux cord from those into the DAC as well.  ...
  5. Abovetheair

    Earphones, The Best Way to Go When on a Budget?

    Hello Head-fi, Before today I was into the whole "full sized" headphones. I currently own the DT880s, M50's, and MS1000's. But the problem I have with headphones is that for them to sound "good" you have to drop some cash on amping, DAC's, and cables. I have done research and found out that...
  6. Abovetheair

    External Hardrive(s)

    Hello, As of recently my 250GB internal hard drive inside of my Mac Mini is not doing the trick, and it looks like I need more space. I am looking for a GOOD external hard drive that I could buy for lets say $200 at the most. I count on you to help me, I recently was looking at the Glyph hard...
  7. Abovetheair

    BilaGrado SE-MS1000's!

    If you do not know who Bilavideo is then you have not modded your Grado/Alessandro, or have not modified it to the extent that he does. Today I received in the mail some distancer's and cups! This is practically a DIY BilaMod project that converts MS1's into MS1000's Bill's way.   The...
  8. Abovetheair

    Travel earphones

    I think that now I am going into the earphone world. Currently all I have are meelectronic's m6's, they are lacking in some areas and that is why I am going to upgrade to the next level up. My budget is $100 and no more, I am limiting myself to not go over that no matter whatever the reason. The...
  9. Abovetheair

    Best driver(s) for V150 cups

    I am looking to replace the drivers in my Sony V150 headphones, I want to learn a little about the basics in headphone mechanics. So to do so I am going to replace the crappy V150 drivers with something better. I am thinking something that could be bought at a best buy such as some Koss...
  10. Abovetheair

    My V150 mod Thread

    I have had a little bit too much time on my hands lately, this has inspired me to start modding my headphones. Before going with something crazy like my ATH M50's or Grados I am starting with Sony V150's.   Questions: What headphones from Best Buy will fit in the headphone I am modding and...
  11. Abovetheair

    Sony MDR V150 custom

    Hello headfi,   I have seen threads of custom cans and what not (recently the purple grados). I have a pair of unused V150s laying around that I think I'm going to customize. What colors should I do, do not suggest anything like the barney colored ones here. I would like a darker color. Once...
  12. Abovetheair

    What amp is for me: Limited options

    I am spending up to $300 on a new amp, there are a few contenders for what im looking at. -Qinpu A3 -Qinpu A-600MKII -Schiit Asgard -Fiio F9/E9   I haven't heard much about Qinpu but the designs look promising. The site head direct offer the Qinpu amps.   One thing required if...
  13. Abovetheair

    Sound in iTunes

    Just a quick question, in iTunes and other music players my music seems to vary in it's loudness. One album can be louder than another and it gets a little bit annoying to have to turn the master volume up or down. I noticed there was an option on iTunes to turn the volume down for a song, it...
  14. Abovetheair

    Converting Lossless Mac

    Currently I am converting my music collection (80 gigabites FLAC) to a source that can be synced to my ipod. The first go around I used MAX and converted all to 320 kb MP3 files, when I listened to the files the beginning of the song had a hiss in it. I would compare this hiss to the hiss you...
  15. Abovetheair

    My Nirvana

    A school visual project that I have been working over the past week was titled... What is your nirvana?  I am only 16 and have been working around with Photoshop doing various projects, and this has to be my favorite one I have done. When the topic was brought up I thought of one thing, and that...
  16. Abovetheair

    Microphone for Gaming

    Whats the best attachable microphone for gaming under $20 and usb compatable or bluetooth?   I have a PS3 and do not feel like I am getting the best experience using stereo speakers from my TV. That is why I am thinking of using my Beyerdynamics + Mic.
  17. Abovetheair

    Amp for DT880's

    I am getting some Beyerdynamic DT880's (250 ohm) and am wondering what would be the best amp for around $200, no more. Suggestions?
  18. Abovetheair

    What Beyerdynamics are for me

    I have been looking at the DT 770's, DT 880's, and DT 990's. The only problem is that I cannot fiqure out what one is for me. My budget is around $300 including a good amp/dac (What OHM?). The use for these headphones is for monitoring sound, so I need them to be crystal clear so I can catch...
  19. Abovetheair

    New Headphones

    I have loved this site so much, the only problem is my wallet. I am looking for some headphones mainly for editing videos, I need to be precise and do not need to allow certain sounds to be in the video. My price range is $100-200, here is what I am looking at:   Sennheiser 598's- Has anyone...
  20. Abovetheair

    Oh Great, not that guy

              Yes it is me again. This time I'm looking to get a headphone set for gaming, one that is specifically for it. I just got a PS3, and would have liked to test my M50's and my MS1's but could not. How would I even plug my headphones into the TV (Yes I'm that stupid). So are the AD700's...
  21. Abovetheair

    New Earphones

    In the next week i'll be back heading to school (:/). I need a earphone for around $30 max, I could go up to like $35. I was looking around and saw the Thinksound Rain's, is there anywhere in the US I can get them for around $40? If not will you suggest me a good pair that will be good and not...
  22. Abovetheair

    Small Setup

    In the next month I will be back to attending school ( :( )   Anyways, you guys have already got me listening to many headphones, I already own AT M50's and MS1i's. Now I have a new question, what would be good (portable) headphones (not earbuds) for under $50 shipped? They need to fit in a...
  23. Abovetheair

    On Ear Headphones

    For the longest time I was not a fan of the on ear headphones, until today. My Alessandro MS1i's arrived. I put them on and loved the way they sat on my ears, it's almost like I can not feel them ( Light ) . Compared to my Audio Technica M50's I like the comfort. Before today I had tried my...
  24. Abovetheair

    Mother Love Bone

    Mother Love Bone was an American band that formed in Seattle in 1988. The band was active from 1988 to 1990. Frontman Andrew Wood's personality and compositions helped to catapult the group to the top of the burgeoning late 1980s/early 1990s Seattle music scene. Wood died only days before the...
  25. Abovetheair

    Mini 3 Amp

    I was looking to make my own amp to make so I can start fully enjoying my music on my Mac Mini.   Is the Mini 3 a good begginer for a noob like me? I have no experience at assembling amps