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  1. SirBenn21

    Beyerdynamic T1 (gen1) vs Beyerdynamic DT1770

    I have always wanted to get a T1 and recently I have been interested in the DT1770   I can now get both at a great price but the budget can only afford one.   Which one should be the "One"   I have auditioned the T1 but not the DT1770   Good bass has always been the holy grail for me...
  2. SirBenn21

    Would a Meier Corda Prehead MK2 SE drive a HE-6?

    Just wondering if someone out there has any idea if the Meier Corda Prehead MK2 SE could drive a HE-6?   Thanks
  3. SirBenn21

    Sales forum - Filters

    Hi Would it be possible to add different currency filters in the sale forums. So if you live in the US you can make that you just look as adverts advertised in US currency and if you lived in Australia you could just look at adverts advertised in AUD? That would be a really handy filter option...
  4. SirBenn21

    RCA toggle switch for my amps

    I wonder if anyone has a suggestion for a "audiophile" quality RCA toggle switch. I would like to be able to switch between two amps from my M-DAC RCA output. Your suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. SirBenn21

    Your favourite "not the best" headphones?

    I can't take credit for the following post, but I thought that a very interesting question was posed. So Marcus if you reading this and think "Hey I wrote this!"... You did and I hope you don't mind.    Quote:   To be honest I have fallen into the trap of "getting the best" to the...
  6. SirBenn21

    Woo Audio WA6-SE (Special Edition) Headphone Amplifier PLUS Audiolab M-DAC

    I was wondering if the Audiolab M-DAC will work well in combination with the WA6-SE?   At the moment I only have a Asus Xonar Essence ST as a source.   Any suggestions for a DAC that would be a good combo for the Woo Audio WA6-SE in the $1000 range?   Ben
  7. SirBenn21

    What's the Sony MDR-EX510SL like?

    Anyone had a go with one of these?   I'm looking to get my second pair of canalphones. I already own a Westone 3.   This is what I wrote in another post to give a bit of an idea of what I'm looking for.   "I have a MS Pro and am in absolute love with the sound. I've been trying to...
  8. SirBenn21

    My track list to test BASS on my in-ear-phones.

    I like to test all my headphone/canalphones and have a fav music list. I love tight controlled bass with good detail.   So here it is:     Here are some youtube links of the above mentioned tracks. The sound quality is not always the best.  ...
  9. SirBenn21

    Gave my Klipsch IMAGE S4 away!

    ...   I thought I'd be kind to someone and spoil myself with a set of Etymodic ER-4P.   Well I finally decided I don't like the ER4P and wanna get myself a replacement for my beloved S4. Don't get me wrong the mids & highs are exceptional, but the bass is dead. I don't care what...
  10. SirBenn21

    Who does re-cabling for the Etymotic ER-4P?

    I was wondering who does a good job at minimizing the "stethoscope" effect or the microphonics as most people say? The only one I can find so far is Apuresound, but they want $180! Are they worth that? Ben
  11. SirBenn21

    HiFiMan RE0 or Etymotic ER-4P

    I'm undecided on these two. At the moment I own a Klipsch S4 and I want to upgrade my IEM's. I mostly listen to Blues Rock, Folk, Rock etc. At home I listen on my MS Pro's though my ASUS STX and love the sound. Which of the two have a puncher bass knowing they aren't for bass heads? Which is...
  12. SirBenn21

    Zune HD or Cowon X7

    If you had a choice between portable digital devices to get the best sound and functionality. What would you choose?   At the moment I have a iPod Touch 32 GB. I'm not big on apps, but I listen to a podcasts and of cause a lot of music.   At first I wanted to get a portable amp to get...