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  1. JTori

    We Have the Perfect Hobby ....

    .... For social distancing. Stay healthy, everyone! Best, Joe.
  2. JTori

    Display Issue: Audirvana with Waves Q10 Plugin on Mac

    I installed the Waves Q10 Plug to enable EQ on my Mac with Audirvana. While it appears everything works, I can't get equalizer to display full screen. Here are two pics showing what I am seeing: Any thoughts on how to fix this display issue would be appreciated. Joe.
  3. JTori

    Equipment Placement Observations

    I wasn't sure where best to place this post; Members' Lounge seemed as good as any. A longtime audio geek and Head-Fi'er, I'm curious to know how many others feel as I do about equipment stacking. I see so numerous images of members' rigs with amps place on top of D-A convertors and amps on...
  4. JTori

    Music Player Software for macOS Catalina

    Hello All, With the release of macOS Catalina, is there a favored music player software? Looking for that which yields the best audio quality. I was a longtime JRiver user, but experienced issues with playback stopping (ver. 25). Then, switched to AmarraLuxe, which sounded good but no longer...
  5. JTori

    Best Connection Option

    I'm contemplating using S-PDIF out from my Creative X-Fi ExtremeMusic to my Theta DS ProPrime II DAC. Will use the DAC to feed AudioEngine A2s on my desktop. The Theta is just sitting at the moment, so I thought I'd like to give it a try. I'm thinking the sound card is my weak link. Interested...
  6. JTori

    M-Audio Microtrack II as a Player

    I am contemplating purchasing the M-Audio Microtrack II for use as both a portable recorder and music player. There is plenty of information available about it recording quality but virtually no info on how it performs as a music player. Can the M-Audio be used as a player? If so, how is its SQ...