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  1. Sam L

    Strongest bus powered amp?

    Schiit hel?
  2. Sam L

    "High End" Earbuds. (FiiO EM5, et al)

    Purpose: 1. To consolidate information, share observations and experiences to intrigue our IEM friends with representative buds that set the bar on what can be achieved with buds. 2. To separate discussion from lower end buds so as to not obfuscate #1 "high end" in quotes because, in...
  3. Sam L

    DAP w/ android 9?

    I'm guessing that most android based daps are running Android 8 or older? Are there any budget or mid tier daps running Android 9? I'm looking to run wavelet app w/ quite a few custom profiles.
  4. Sam L

    $300-$450 IEM?

    Any recommendations for the "best bang for the buck" IEM in this range? I am partial to the Harman Target, though I also count my er2xr as one of my favorites. My current most listened to iems: - ibasso it00 - blon 03 - legacy 3 - ety er2xr I have an audiosense aq7 inbound and was considering...
  5. Sam L

    Meridian Explorer v1 windows 10 driver?

    Hey Everyone, I haven't used my explorer in ages. It seems the product drivers are no longer available on Meridian's site. Only drivers I see there are for the explorer 2, which aren't working for me. Though I'd ask if you guys found a working link before i brave the third party sites listing...
  6. Sam L

    Looking for a portable headphone amp with volume/mute

    I'm trying to dial in my portable rig for my laptop.  I'm currently using a meridian explorer with a digizoid ZO FS.   What I would like ideally is an amp that has a volume knob (and mute would be nice).  Has to be battery powered or run via laptop usb.  I frequently change my volume and don't...