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  1. scottsays

    FLC8n or LZ A4? Any advice would be welcomed---

    I am currently researching to purchase a new IEM that has adjustable filters-- The LZ A4 has many great reviews and is available new for $ 171 on ebay-- I was considering the FLC8S--but now a newer model is available--the FLCn for $ 355 and a fixed low end model the FLC8d for $ 255- I I was...
  2. scottsays

    Schiit Mjoliner 2 Need advice on considered purchase

    I currently own a Teac HA-501 amplifier and really enjoy it. I would like to take the next step and upgrade- Does anyone know if the Mjoliner2 is a significant upgrade or just a vertical move? I want to make sure I choose wisely. If not--what would be a good choice? For home headphones I...