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  1. Mizzle17

    new headphones?

    Long time lurker just wanted some advice before pulling the plug. I want to upgrade from my current phones (dt770 80ohm and grado sr80s using a fiio e7 to power them) I was looking into getting a senn hd600 and a O2 amp/dac (UK equivalent). I'll be listening to music via my laptop with most...
  2. Mizzle17

    New IEM's

    First post and have been reading a lot of reviews/doing research.   I am debating between a few IEM's (Westone 3/UM3X | Monster Turbine Golds | maybe Sen IE8)   I'll get down to the main points.   Music - Hip hop, R'n'B, Metal (slow, fast), Blues, Rock, Reggae/dub Source - Ipod (5...