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  1. Mick

    Next upgrade

    I'm looking for the next big thing to upgrade. Like my sig says I have an emu 0404(computer as source) to a glite(without psu), and using mostly the rs1 and 650s. I'm in a bit of a pickle as to what to throw my money at now, I'm leaning towards a cardas upgrade for the 650s, but whether that...
  2. Mick

    Pondering new amp for the 580s

    Hello, my setup is 0404 > Headsave Classic (Mini) > 580s. I'm wondering if a Gilmore Lite would be that much better than my current Mini amp. Other than that I'm pretty set on keeping the 0404 as my source for a couple years yet. Thanks in advance!
  3. Mick

    Grado pad types - clearing up

    My question is, what pads are on Grados nowadays? I'm looking to expand from my 580s over to a comparable quality Grado can. I heard stories that stock models only come in comfies instead of bowls now, is that true? What pads does Allesandro use? Coming from a pair of wireless RCA headphones I...
  4. Mick

    0404 R/L channels in L speaker

    Like the problem states, I'm getting both L and R channels through my left speaker (Altec 2.1 setup). My amp is an HS Classic, and the same problem also occurs when I plug my 580s into it. Also, switching the plugs around into the card still showed both L/R in the left speaker. This is what I'm...
  5. Mick

    MINT/Tempo with 580's

    How much juice does the Headsave MINT give the 580's compared to the Tempo? I like how the MINT can be used for portables if need be, but if Tempo or even MiniMe is a major improvement on it I might just go with one of those. My 580's are hooked up to a Revo so I think there is a lot more...
  6. Mick

    HD-580's sound leak request

    I'm still a little erky on how much the HD-580's leak sound, although sadly it is impossible for me to try them out before I order them. Is it possible that someone could set up how much sound comes out of them from 1 meter away at at a couple different volumes?
  7. Mick

    HD-497's and MINT

    I plan to order the HD-497's from I'm not sure where to get them in Canada, although I might give a call before I make my decision. I've never had a headphone amplifier before so I'm looking at starting with the MINT. It will be used primarily for my...