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  1. supracuhz

    Portable tube amp from china?

    Quote: Do you regret your purchase??
  2. supracuhz

    What headphones should I get? ~150

    Get the Ultimate Ears UE700 or Triple-Fi 10. Great warranty, super comfortable tips, and sounds awesome.   Otherwise, I would second the Audio Technica if you want to go the headphone route.
  3. supracuhz

    Looking for an amp!

    Hi, I'm looking to buy an amp for my Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pros (which I ordered after listening to them). I canceled the order... Any suggestions? This would be my first time needing an amp. Also, would I see any benefit in a DAC? I'm looking at the NuForce uDAC-2 for no reason other than the...
  4. supracuhz

    Sennheiser 228 vs Grado SR60i

    I recently got my first pair of grados (sr60i). They're fine on the walk and public places (thats my opinion), but I carry a pair of sennheiser cx300's for the quieter places. They leak sound more than my other headphones, but not as much as i thought. They are also great , although the bass...
  5. supracuhz

    Grado SR60/80 sound leak video?

    Can anyone post/link a video of how loudly the Grados SR-60/80 leak? I can't find a dealer near me, and I want these cans as an upgrade from my sennheisers.