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  1. seamon

    New Oriolus Stack - BD20 DAC, BA20 AMP, SE02 EQ, 1795 BT Receiver and more...

    Looks like Oriolus is launching some exciting new stuff First is the Oriolus BD2 DAC Looks like it has the ESS Sabre ES9038PRO DAC. It has 4.4mm BAL and 3.5mm Line Outs only so probably no dedicated amp? Comes with replaceable op-amps? Next is the Oriolus BA20 AMP Looks like a SS amp with...
  2. seamon

    TOTL UIEMs for pop music

    After also considering CIEMs in my other thread -  I am also thinking about UIEMs. I listen to pop, punk-rock,alternate rock, hip-hop and the sort. Which among 64 audio U12, JH Angie and Campfire Audio Vega would be better for these...
  3. seamon

    Basshead IEMs

    I am looking for a pair of basshead IEMs. I mostly listen to pop, pop-rock, punk-rock, indie-pop genres. Currently deciding between 64 Audio U8 and Noble Dulce Bass. I will be driving them out of my phone on the go and through Sound Blaster ZxR at home.   Edit:Budget is ~$600. I will be buying...
  4. seamon

    Upgrading from my current setup - DT 770 Pro

    I currently own a DT 770 Pro 32 ohm for headphones and JVC FX-850 for IEMs. I am looking to upgrade in the headphone department into something in the range of $300-400. I will be driving them from Creative Sound Blaster ZxR with Burson V5i Op-amps. I was considering the Fostex TH-X00(when it...
  5. seamon

    Upgrade from DT 770 Pro

    I am looking to upgrade from my existing DT 770 Pro 32ohm. I mainly listen to pop,alternate rock, pop-rock and hip hop. Currently considering AKG K712 Pro and Beyerdynamic DT T70P. Budget is $300-400.  PS:I also own a pair of JVC FX-850.
  6. seamon

    New IEMs.(100$ ish)

    Recommend me a pair of IEMs. I own the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro and I really like its sound. Also, I also liked the sound of SOny MDR 1A. Recommend me an IEM which sound somewhat like those headphones.