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  1. pietcux

    Reply to review by 'pietcux' on item 'Sennheiser HD 560S'

    Thanks for the review, it seems we hear and play quite similar. I especially like the sound art of TD2 with Atmos for headphones and even more so as single player. I use the GSP500 for that purpose most of the time though.
  2. pietcux

    Reply to review by 'pietcux' on item 'Sennheiser Momentum 2.0'

    Great Review Matt. I can say from two weeks with this can, that I also liked it very much. But the pads are still too small for me. And yes the headband can be troublesome hard sometimes. I had to send it back. The pads are 5.5 cm inner hight and I would need 7 cm like the HD650 has. Maybe...
  3. pietcux

    Review by 'pietcux' on item 'Xonar U7 - 7.1 USB-Soundkarte'

    A few years ago I was a big fan of the Shuttle Barebone SFF PCs for LAN party gaming. I also was a big fan of surround audio for gaming. I had a soundblaster that days. But the graphics cards grew bigger and bigger and suddenly there was no space left for an internal soundcard and the onboard...
  4. pietcux

    Reply to review by 'pietcux' on item 'AKG K501'

    Had the K401. Sadly sold it before I got a proper headphone amp. They sounded very balanced too and the comfort is still unrivaled.
  5. pietcux

    Reply to review by 'pietcux' on item 'Ultrasone PRO 550'

    As these are the PRO line, the coiled cable s to connect to PRO equipment, and the short with the 3,5 mm plug is for se with a DAP on he go. And then it is long enough. But you can easily buy an extension cable for 3.5 mm cables like his one.
  6. pietcux

    Reply to review by 'pietcux' on item 'AKG K501'

    Hi Fritz, could you already test it? I am asking because I own a pair of nearly identical AKG K401. As far as I remember the only difference is that the 501 has even better selected drivers of the same kind.