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  1. Klonatans

    Reply to review by 'klonatans' on item 'Flare Audio R2Pro Earphones '

    What's the difference between R2A and R2APro?
  2. Klonatans

    Review by 'Klonatans' on item 'Fischer Audio FA-003Ti'

    Owning the FA-003Ti about 9 months they have grown on me. First their uncoloured sound signature seemed to me a little bit uninspiring. Then in comparison to some other headphones, especially "fun sounding" ones, I realized that their accurate sound reproduction is what I'm really looking for...
  3. Fischer Audio FA-003Ti

    Fischer Audio FA-003Ti

    Closed over-ear headphones.
  4. Klonatans

    Review by 'Klonatans' on item 'Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone'

    These Senns are not proper Hi-Fi headphones. I can recommend them only if you're a basshead and don't care about SQ.