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  1. CrystalT

    looking for the least expensive portable amp that can drive 400.ohm headphones.

    I have a pair of akg k340 electrostatic hybrids. Was looking for something that can drive this beast.
  2. CrystalT

    passive near-fields.

    I'm looking for some good passive near-field monitors. preferably mid-centric on the bright side. looking to spend around $100-$200 per speaker. any advice?
  3. CrystalT

    Looking for shallow-insertion IEMs.

    Looking for shallow insertion, preferably sub-$100. is an example of what I listen to on a day to day basis. Mostly brighter recordings, with midrange emphasis, and a lot of vocal emphasis. I do listen to a fair bit of hardcore stuff like hard dance...
  4. CrystalT

    Looking for full-sized headphones that are particularly good at vocals.

    Hello, all. I'm looking for a full sized headphone with an emphasis on vocal reproduction. Think the spider real voice, as a full sized can as an example. Closed is preferred, as I already have two pair of fully open cans, and definitely could use something more isolated. Vocal stuffs includes...
  5. CrystalT

    Help me crack open my ATH T-300!

    No visible screws. Did some poking around, can't quite find find how to open these up. Anyone able to identify where I should start?     Tore open the backplate, but they don't seem to serve any function. looking to open 'em up without breaking them. Want to play around inside...
  6. CrystalT

    Help me crack open my ATH T-300!

    No visible screws. Did some poking around, can't quite find find how to open these up. Anyone able to identify where I should start?    
  7. CrystalT

    Cable/Plug choices, and Dampening.

    I've ghetto-fixed my broken HSA Golden Crystals with some jank cable from stock earbuds, but I'm worried that it might actually be affecting the quality. The cord is exceptionally long, and the contacts are razor thin. Secondly, I lost the dampening foam that was inside the soundchamber. I'm...
  8. CrystalT

    Where can I buy Nationite C2/Hippo Gumstick/Cube c30?

    No listings on head-fi, amazon, ebay. google shows nowhere i can buy in the states.
  9. CrystalT

    I need pictures of the insides of the Koss Pro DJ 200.

    I got my hands on a pair of Koss Pro DJ 100 for free. I wish to mod them to have removable cable. The Stereo/Mono switch complicates things. I want to see what the inside of a Pro 200 looks like.
  10. CrystalT

    Home audio, where do I go next? Looking for: new additions, or incremental upgrade suggestions.

    Currently my set-up is:   Pioneer VSX-9900s for home receiver 2 Pioneer CS-G301WAII floor-standing speakers 2 Jensen TF-3-A floor-standing speakers 1 Onkyo SKW-350 passive subwoofer   not really sure where to go from here.
  11. CrystalT

    Anyone compare Sgs player 4 to zune hd?

    Has anyone been able to compare the two, especially after voodoo mod has been applied to the Sgs player If someone has, or can, please report your findings.
  12. CrystalT

    Looking for passive speakers. Something with a high mid emphasis and sparkle. $100 or less.

    Laptop running Foobar2000 /w Asio out 320kbps/flac > 1.8th to RCA > Pioneer VSX-9900S Jensen TF-3-A x2 Panasonic SR-AK57 x2   are my current speakers, no sub.   I want to upgrade my cheap panny passive speakers.
  13. CrystalT

    Sub $100 analytical iems. *MUST BE SHALLOW INSERTION.

    As the title says, I'm looking for.analytical. I'm fine with slight colorations towards upper mids. My bass preference is articulation and accuracy. Quantity will be provided by the songs mixing, not by tuning bias in the in ears. Thanks! Sent from my LG-VM670 using Tapatalk 2
  14. CrystalT

    My second hand hisoundaudio golden crystals broke, help me fix them.

    They fell out of my pocket, and I tripped over them, breaking at the y split. I will pay someone to fix it, granted I don't spend more than what I paid for the equipment $75. Alternatively, if someone can give me the steps necessary to safely recable them, I will be happy to doy fix them...
  15. CrystalT

    A Power Metal fanatics review of Grado SR60i.

    I had been eyeballing the SR60i for the past year or so, but money usually went elsewhere, mostly in the In-ear, and source departments. When money came along and I was able to buy a ~$100 can, I was looking at the Grados, KRK KNS 6400, and AD700. I eventually pulled the trigger on the Grados...
  16. CrystalT

    Grado SR60i mods? *Read the OP: The question wasn't covered by search!*

    I'm looking, specifically, for DIY ways of the following:   **Increase stereo imaging **Ways to make the cups circumaural **Ways to increase the lower mids, around 500-800hz.   I'm fond of the overall package, but I want to increase Grado's ability to accurately depict position...
  17. CrystalT

    I want to turn a pair of earbuds in to half in-ears. Help?

    I have a pair of sennheiser mx90 sports earbuds. I've sawed off the protruding top bits for comfort, but I want to take things a little further. Would someone be able to he'll me figure out what I need to convert the pair in to half in-ears? I'd like to use a custom ear mould with the pair, if...
  18. CrystalT

    Voodoo mod SGS > vintage pioneer 9900s > 2x jensen tf3a+ 2x KRK Rokit 8 sufficient?

    with voodoo mod, the phone is ccapable of L/O. Is this sufficient, or should I get a transportable? The ones I'm looking at aren't any better than my phone without having to spend at least 2x the phones cost. Sent from my LG-VM670 using Tapatalk 2
  19. CrystalT

    Bought vintage Jensen speakers, and vintage pioneer reciever, want tto use them.for laptop audio.

    Bought a pair of Jensen tf-3a, and a pioneer vsx-9900. What would be the best way to set it up with my laptop? I have a pair of rokit power studios I plan on pairing them with for a 4.2 set up. What would be an affordable USB dac to use them with? Sub-100. Sent from my LG-VM670 using Tapatalk
  20. CrystalT

    Closing open cans?

    Has anyone attempted this? People avoid open earphones due to a need to listen to them on tjw go, but what's stopping people from buying open cans and adapting them in such a way thar you can close them off for public situations? Sent from my LG-VM670 using Tapatalk
  21. CrystalT

    The next logical progression?

    I'm trying to figure out what the next logical progression is in this hobby of mine. My first forray in to the hobby was buying soundmagic pl11, and rockboxing my old sansa e260. From there, I have purchased soundmagic pl30, and klipsch image x10, upgraded my player to a voodoo mod SGS captivate...
  22. CrystalT

    samsung galaxy s for $100, or should i get something else?

    I am considering buying the Samsung galaxy s captivate for use as a Dedicated pmp. I will not be activating the phone, so will only be using it for voodoo/cyanogen dsp manager/poweramp. For $100, can anything outright beat it, or am I getting a steal?
  23. CrystalT

    looking for new music.

    Hi there head-fi. I'm looking for music similar to that which Yuki kajiura, akiko shikata, and kokia produce. Its difficult because these artists don't stick to one genre. They play music ranging from filmscore, to punk rock, to Singer/songwriter style music. From industrial to pop. I'm very...
  24. CrystalT

    calling all tucsonites!

    I'd really love to meet other enthusiasts in Tucson. Anyone near the u of a, or live on the east side? Let me know.
  25. CrystalT

    storing iems and ear buds?

    I have an ever growing collection of in-ear monitors and ear buds that I don't plan on selling or getting rid of. What are some creative ways if keeping them in good condition when not in use? I'd rather not just toss them wherever. If possible I'd like to be able to showcase the evolution of my...