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  1. revolink24

    Your least favorite songs.

    I figured with all these threads about everyone's favorite songs and artists, it was time for one of the opposite. I'm going to have to start with a pet peeve of mine which always seems to show up on the radio. Now, I love Grand Funk Railroad, but I fail to understand what some consider to be a...
  2. revolink24

    Based on my, recommend me three albums.   I thought this might be fun. Take a look at my page to get an idea of the type of music I like, and come up with three albums I should get. I have become bored of the music I already have, so it's time for some new CDs.   Come to think of it...
  3. revolink24

    Music with true passion.

    I've always been a big fan of music with such power, passion, and energy put into it that the listener really feels that same passion. Does anyone have any artists or songs that they would recommend for this?    
  4. revolink24

    Where did you learn about DIY Audio/Electronics

    Did you learn purely from experience, from internet reading, from books? I'm desperately trying to learn as much as I can about DIY Audio, ideally to build a Beta 22 or similar amplifier within a few years, but the sheer complexity boggles my small 18 year old mind. Do you have any good sites to...
  5. revolink24

    Etymotic ER6i First impressions (Pending three-part review)

      A few hours ago the UPS guy dropped off my Etymotic ER6is, my first new pair of IEM's in over a year. And while I can't promise to give the best comparisons to other IEMs, I still think I can post impressions useful to anyone considering purchasing these, especially since Joker has not yet...
  6. revolink24

    Treading new waters.

    I've always been a full-sized headphone guy, but I really now want something truly isolating for long airplane journeys. Since these aren't going to be my main pair by any means, I'm looking for something around $100. I will be listening to both music and spoken voice (podcasts, audiobooks...
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    It just finished, and I don't see a thread about it yet, so I thought I'd make one. Thoughts? Brees deserves that MVP title.
  8. revolink24

    The "Digital SLR that isn't Canon or Nikon" Thread

    Since the Canon and Nikon threads appear to be the place hear in Gear-Fi for photo enthusiasts at the moment, I felt the need to start a thread for those of us outside of the mainstream. Pardon me if this thread is redundant. I just got a white Pentax K-x, and am going to New York tomorrow to...
  9. revolink24

    Grado build quality.

    Has anyone else had the problem seen in this (terrible) picture? It would seem that I would have to sent them back because it seems like there is probably a molded plastic pin that goes through the hole in the headband. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. revolink24

    DIY tube amp with passive throughput option?

    Has anyone ever tried to take an amp and incorporate a switch or other means of alternating between a simple line option that bypasses the amplification circuit, so that if I powered one through a dap or computer output I could use their integrated amplifier so as not to wear our the components...
  11. revolink24

    Opamp rolling question (Little Dot I+)

    I'm looking at trying an LT1364 opamp in my Little Dot I+. However, I'm not sure which exact model number and package I need (I'm not terribly experienced with integrated circuits.( Here is the page I am seeing Linear Technology - Purchase Linear Products
  12. revolink24

    Anyone have experience with the Pro-Ject USB Box?

    I've been looking into DACs, and the $75 pro-ject caught my eye. It's attractive, well priced, and best of all, USB powered. Can anyone share their experience in terms of sound and build quality?
  13. revolink24

    <$150 DAC for use with Little Dot I+ and HF2

    Hi, I am looking for a sub-$150 DAC to use with the Little Dot I+ and Grado HF2s. Must have RCA output. Preferably (but not definately) full sized, to stack with the LDI+. Must have optical or USB input (That shouldn't be too hard.) I was considering the Zero DAC, but think that perhaps having...
  14. revolink24

    Worst Recording

    I came up with this thread after listening to "Keep Yourself Alive" Queen on the 1981 Greatest Hits album (Just bloody awful.), and seeing various "Best Recording" and "Audiophile (insert genre here)" threads.. Post what, in your opinion, the worst recorded songs by any artists on any album are...
  15. revolink24

    Little Dot DAC_1

    Has anyone heard this DAC that can compare it to others in the price range? It would be used as USB/Toslink out>DAC>Little Dot I+>Grado HF2
  16. revolink24

    Any decent CD player for $250?

    Is there a decent CD player I can get in the sub-$250 range? Preferably around $199, $250 max. To be used with Little Dot I+ and Grado RS-1 I know its a tall order... if ther are no suggestions I might go for a used Marantz CD-5001
  17. revolink24

    E4Cs good value now?

    I just noticed that you can pick up Some E4Cs for under $200 at amazon.... far below their original price. I have never heard them, so I am wondering what you guys think of their price/performance ratio compared to the SE line. Shure E4c-n Sound Isolating Earphones (Black)...
  18. revolink24

    Little Dot III suitible for Grado SR325i?

    I am planning to purchase a Grado SR325i(s) sometime soon, and I want to upgrade from my OPA2134 CMoy, and the Little Dot Mk III caught my attention because of its superb price for a tube amp. Would the Little Dot be suitable for the Grados?
  19. revolink24

    What is with the new Grado line?

    Okay, so typically i was used to designate an updated version, so that much I am okay with. But I am an owner of Alessandro MS-1s and was looking to upgrade to the SR-325i, which it seems has been replaced by the SR-325is. The thing is, I really don't know the differences between these and the...
  20. revolink24

    Grado SR-80 vs. Alessandro MS1

    So, In my headphone search I've come down to two cans, the Grado SR80 and Alessandro MS1. For those with experience with these, I would like your opinions. From what I hear, the Alessandro is more comfortable (a fairly big thing for me) but less "thumpy" and vibrant, whereas the Grados are very...
  21. revolink24

    Any decent sounding and comfortable on-ears?

    Yes, I've seen the Boses, and I think they are comfortable, but the sound quality is slightly lacking. Is there any other pair of really comfortable on-ears that I can get for <$150 or so?
  22. revolink24

    Community imput wanted: V-Moda Vibe

    I have had a pair (well, multiple pairs) of V-Moda Vibe headphones since July of '07, and I was absolutely in love with the style and sound of them. My issue is not with the sound quality or the quality of the 'phones. But the issue is that they have now broken three times. The first two...