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  1. Bob Ebophalus

    Headphone users make unusual artists

    Yay House: Sad Girl: Stormy Seas:
  2. Bob Ebophalus

    Your Worst Holiday Gift -- Given or Received

    recieved: A pack of Batman undies! Wow. I was fairly young, though. That's not much of an excuse. given: I give only good presents.
  3. Bob Ebophalus

    [WinAMP Users] What version(s) of WinAMP do you use?

    I use win amp 5.something, but only for video. All of my musical things are in foobar.
  4. Bob Ebophalus

    What Shoes are you wearing at the moment?

    Socks at the moment. But if i have to wear something else it's either my $2 Wal-Mart flipflops or some Adidas running shoes.
  5. Bob Ebophalus


    If you do find a way, post it here. I don't like all the stuff Winrar put in my right-click menu. I never use it anymore except to open .rars because the trial period ran out and it has that stupid popup.
  6. Bob Ebophalus

    Any Firefox fans out there?

    All your base are belong to Firefox!!!! Seriously, it's much better than IE. Only Bad thing I've found is that it's a bit slower than IE and of course doen't render some pages right.
  7. Bob Ebophalus

    Exact Audio Copy (EAC) encoder question

    You might try just ripping to .wav and then using a LAME front end like razorLAME to rip those .wavs into mp3. This is what I do after having problems with EAC compressing to mp3.
  8. Bob Ebophalus

    Critique my abrasive, mechanical electronica with strings.

    I think it's beautiful. The robot stomping noises at the beginning were strange, I didn't like them not being on a beat. The rest is wonderful, though, with all the contrasts of the pretty background and smashing drums. It makes me grin. Do you have any more tracks?
  9. Bob Ebophalus

    New Sony PCDPs

    Oohhhh. Very clean lines. I like the 820 in black and the 20 in blue especially. Any ideas on cost or sound quality?
  10. Bob Ebophalus

    What magazines are you suscribing to currently?

    Car and Driver PC Gamer RC Car Action (I'm gonna let this expire methinks) Popular Science Popular Mechanics
  11. Bob Ebophalus

    Hucking Filarious Movie

    A German Forklift Safety movie gone horribly wrong. Click Here Some fake blood and gore, amputated body parts, nothing really bad.
  12. Bob Ebophalus

    Head-fi Pronunciation

    I thought Grado was pronounced "gra dough" because it's Italian.
  13. Bob Ebophalus

    When you had your wisdom teeth taken out...

    Well, they're all out! my story is almost exactly the same as Judge Crandall's so I won't repeat it. I didn't go outside in a wheelchair though. Only one side is swelling and nothing hurts so I guess I'm doing pretty good. Three cheers for the inventor of ice packs.
  14. Bob Ebophalus

    What's your IQ

    Yeah, I took one online about a year ago and got 156 or something like that. Took one at school a few days ago, got 138 (which should have been higher because two of the questions were crap and had multiple answers) So I think I'm somewhere in the middle of that
  15. Bob Ebophalus

    When you had your wisdom teeth taken out...

    Well the last couple of posts have greatly relived my anxiety. I'm having all four wisdom teeth out on Friday, as well as the four behind the canines. Everyone else made me
  16. Bob Ebophalus

    Does music impair your social life?

    What social life? Actually I've made a few new friendships stronger because we listen to the same kind of music.
  17. Bob Ebophalus

    Thread Killer

    I don't usually post that much, but my post-to-thread-death ratio must be pretty high.
  18. Bob Ebophalus

    What kind of pants do you wear?

    I wear kinda baggy shorts almost all of the time, usually in winter too (if what we have in texas qualifies as winter). Favorite brand is Lee. They have nice big pockets for holding a PCDP or just about anything.
  19. Bob Ebophalus

    Who here has "Magic Ears?"

    I think I have almost majik ears. I can usually tell when something I'm hearing is out of tune, but I can't tell if what I'm singing or playing (trombone) is in tune. I'm OK at matching pitches, though.
  20. Bob Ebophalus

    Better sound in Hi-MD?

    i'm not sure, but I think the only difference is that in HI-MD you can store 1GB on a disk, versus whatever it is on a regular MD (300MB?)
  21. Bob Ebophalus

    Question for all you Firefox users

    I also have a question. Instead of opening links in a new window, is there any way I can make them open in a neew tab? Also, I can't get the plugin at to work.
  22. Bob Ebophalus

    Want free Microsoft stuff?

    Sounds like fun, why doesn't somebody refer me? Bob Ebophalus Prosthetics-R-Us rasteed *at* I don't have anything better to do.
  23. Bob Ebophalus

    Who folds@home?

    I usually fold my origami at home, but I don't think that is what you are talking about.
  24. Bob Ebophalus

    Etymotic Er-6 Isolaters for my Ipod, will they be any better than the Sony MDR-EX71S

    Well, I have the ER6 and they are, from what I hear of the EX71, much less bassy than the EX71. Without bass boost, there is very little bass, and even with bass boost, there won't be any impact: you won't feel the bass, but it is much less bloated than the EX71, and more detailed. Quote...
  25. Bob Ebophalus

    From the designer of the Koss cheesephones...

    Sounds like fun! Why exactly are they supposed to be scary? They just look like black earbuds to me. BTW, my friend has a set of the cheese headphones. :cheesephonesmiley: